Compared to trust, someone being smart or talented is as significant as this piece of chewed-up cracker scum between my teeth...


Polpo (ポルポ Porupo) is a minor character and antagonist featured in Vento Aureo.

Polpo is the first of Passione's capo Giorno Giovanna encounters and is responsible for recruiting new members. He then tasks Giorno to keep a lighter lit for 24 hours as a test. Polpo is a Stand User and his Black Sabbath automatically attacks Giorno during said test.


Polpo is a massive and morbidly obese man easily towering over regular people, having an exaggeratedly large head proportional to the rest of his body. One of his most recognisable features are his black eyes and bright pupils and his pointy nose.

Polpo wears a cap from which multiple sticks come out, and a sophisticated indented shirt. Polpo has a bracelet in his right wrist.

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

Polpo makes an appearance in the one-shot with a changed appearance. He is now one head shorter than average.

Polpo wears a bright blue jacket and dotted white shirt and brown trousers. His hat is portrayed as green.


Polpo acts like a typical Mafia don, showing an affable side and an appreciation for various works of art and gastronomy. His table manners are however, lacking, showing that sophistication is superficial.

Polpo places great emphasis on one's trustworthiness, considering it the most important characteristic of a good gangster. Despite this, Polpo considers his subordinates as tool to be used to further his position.

He shows a very keen sense of awareness, deducing Giorno's injury from the marks on his hands and even how Bruno Bucciarati "told him" that Giorno wanted to join, despite not meeting him prior and Giorno proclaiming his initiation moments before meeting him.



Polpo's status in the Passione hierarchy: a Caporegime

Main article: Black Sabbath

Polpo's Black Sabbath is a long range automated Stand traveling in object's shadows.

Illusionism: Polpo shows a talent for illusionism, hiding in his room despite his size and seemingly eating his fingers to suddenly pull out a lighter from his hand.


Polpo is first seen serving fifteen years in prison when Giorno Giovanna approaches and tells him that he wants to join Passione. Being in the high position of a capo in Passione, his job is giving orders, from the boss, to other subordinates, as well as testing new recruits who want to join the gang. Polpo's means of initiation into Passione is keeping a flame lit for 24 hours; with that, he gives Giorno the lighter.

Pistol transform back into Banana

Polpo unwittingly shoots himself in the mouth with a gun Giorno had disguised as a banana. This was an act of vengeance for having his Stand, Black Sabbath, carelessly cause the death of an innocent old man. This also destroys the Arrow in his Stand's mouth. As Polpo dies, Giorno, far removed from the scene, tells him to "savor [his] last meal".

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Vento Aureo (PS2)

Polpo makes his game debut in the PS2 title. He only appears in the two cutscenes involving his introduction and suicide at the hands of Giorno. Black Sabbath however, is faced in Chapter 3.



  • The two particular paintings Polpo has are Van GoughW's The Church at AuversW, and GauguinW's Vairumati.
  • Polpo biting off the tips of his right index and middle finger might be a reference to Tony Iommi, the founding member of the Black Sabbath, a namesake of Polpo's Stand: namely, on his last day of work in a steel factory, before going on a tour with his newly-founded band, Tony had tips of his fingers completely chopped of by a machine in an accident, and replaced them with homemade prostheses made out of plastic bottle caps.
  • It is possible that he bites his finger to create the lighter with his Stand, since it appeared right after this scene and Giorno thought it was Stand related.
  • The manga showed that one capo was in charge of both the assassination and bodyguard teams. Since the anime revealed that the Bucciarati Team was the bodyguard section of the gang, it means that Polpo was also in charge of the Squadra Esecuzioni Stand team and no other.


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