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You're the bait, Gyro Zeppeli!

—Pork Pie Hat Kid to Gyro Zeppeli

Pork Pie Hat Kid (ポーク・パイ・ハット小僧 Pōku Pai Hatto Kozō?) is a minor antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

He is one of Funny Valentine's henchmen and attacks Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli in the desert to take their Saint Corpse Parts.


Pork Pie Hat Kid appears like a skinny and short young boy, hiding his bald head with bamboo sticks and wearing a tutu-like skirt.

He does not seem to be completely sane, drinking pen ink and attempting to taste his own fallen teeth. Nonetheless, he is very clever. In order to acquire the corpse, he uses a variety of tricks, such as exploiting Johnny's horse and burning the ground with gasoline to locate him, and using Gyro as bait.


After Fritz von Stroheim's failed assassination attempt, Pork Pie Hat Kid uses Wired to kidnap Gyro along with stealing the duo's luggage and horses, looking for something. Johnny begins to understand that the enemy wasn't trying to kill them to get ahead in the race, but instead was looking for something they have: a mummified hand that entered Johnny's body during their battle against the Boom Boom Family. Even Von Stroheim and Oyecomova were hunting for it.

Johnny realizes the enemy can attack from the distance, by transforming objects like feathers and bugs into bait that produces wired hooks with enough strength to lift a horse. Unfortunately, Johnny falls prey to the enemy but just as he is about to give up the corpse, a strange creature emerges from the hand, awakening Johnny's ability to fire his own nails thus attacking Pork Pie Hat Kid.

Thanks to Gyro, Johnny finds out the enemy's position and manages to seemingly defeat him. Gyro was however turned into bait, and Pork Pie Hat Kid forces Johnny to give him the corpse, threatening to kill his friend. With the hand obtained, Pork Pie Hat Kid attempts to run away, but to his disadvantage, Gyro had managed to apply the Spin to the corpse's nails, marking Pork Pie Hat Kid's defeat.

According to the President's men, Pork Pie Hat Kid did not die, but for the confrontation with Johnny and Gyro, he will remain disabled for the rest of his life.[1]



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