Pronto! On the Line (プロント(もしもし)!通話中 Moshimoshi! Tsūwachū) is the twentieth story arc in Vento Aureo.

It narrates Bucciarati's Gang's attempt to investigate the Boss and their contact with a mysterious ally who reveals a way to defeat King Crimson through the Arrow.


The gang investigates the Boss without success, but their investigation is noticed by a third party, who contacts them and propose to meet in Rome to be given an Arrow, the artifact hiding a power that can potentially defeat King Crimson's time erasure. The gang also learns of the Boss' name: Diavolo.

A flashback reveals the origins of the Arrows and the Stands. Diavolo, observing the gang from afar, is suspicious of their unwavering determination. He discovers the replica of his face, and follows the gang to Rome, having called Cioccolata and Secco to help eliminate the gang.

Arrived to the coast of Italy, the gang discovers they are attacked by a strange mold.






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