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P Aniki Profile
Japanese Name プロシュート
Namesake Prosciutto (Italian Ham)
Stand The Grateful Dead
Date of Death April 1, 2001
Gender Male
Nationality Italian
Hair Color Greenish blonde (PS2 Game)
Affiliation La Squadra di Esecuzione
Occupation Assassin
Manga Debut Vol. 52 Ch. 486
The Express Train Heading Towards Florence (1)(Shadowed)
Vol. 53 Ch. 491
The Grateful Dead (4) (Full Appearance)
Final Appearance Vol. 53 Ch. 499
The Grateful Dead (12)
Game Debut GioGio no Kimyō na Bōken: Ōgon no Kaze
Seiyuu Takayasu Usui (PS2 game)
Takuma Terashima (All-Star Battle)
Whenever we think of that word (Kill)... In reality, it has already happened!


Prosciutto (プロシュート Puroshūto?) is an antagonist from Part V: Vento Aureo. He is an assassin of La Squadra di Esecuzione, and is partnered with Pesci.


Prosciutto tends to belittle his fellow assassin Pesci for lacking confidence about his own abilities, and tries to convince him of his capabilities. This reliance is not unfounded, however, as Bruno Buccellati determines from his battle with Pesci that Pesci's abilities are actually more dangerous than Prosciutto's.

He also possesses a strong will, as shown when he suffers near-fatal wounds from being caught in the train's wheels and uses the last of his determination to keep his Stand's ability in effect for as long as possible.


Prosciutto and Pesci, are sent after Buccellati and his gang to capture Trish Una in order to find out the boss's identity. Although they manage to catch up to the gang at the train heading to Florence, they soon loose sight of them due to a newly found turtle's stand.

In order to flush the gang out, Prosciutto decides to use his stand, The Grateful Dead, to age everyone onboard the train. This forces Guido Mista to come out from hiding to try and stop the aging. After Mista has a confrontation with Pesci, Prosciutto is able to take down Mista from behind and use his own gun to shoot him in the head, supposedly killing him. Soon after, Prosciutto and Pesci are able to find the turtle holding the gang, forcing Buccellati to come out and fight. After a short scuffle, Buccellati manages to use his Sticky Fingers to make Prosciutto fall out of the train. Out of sheer luck, Prosciutto manages to get himself caught in the train's wheels and barely survive with fatal wounds. Knowing he would die, he determined that he would use his stand and hold out long enough to give Pesci the chance to kill the gang, and steal Trish away. When Pesci died at the hands of Buccellati, Prosciutto lost his will to live and soon died along with him.



  • He is called "aniki" ("big bro" in Japanese) by his partner-in-crime Pesci.
  • Interestingly enough, Gyro Zeppeli's horse, Valkyrie, shares Prosciutto's hairstyle. 
  • Surprisingly, despite being named after the Italian word for "ham", his favourite food is actually fishstick.


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