Public Image Limited (パブリック・イメージ・リミテッド Paburikku Imēji Rimiteddo) is the Stand of Rigatoni featured in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure 2: Golden Heart, Golden Ring.


This Stand has no permanent appearance; however, when integrated with a sniper rifle bullet, the bullet takes on a different appearance. The bullet's characteristics include being approximately 10 cm in length, the color blue, growing arms and having a face much like a shark.


  • Absorption: When the Stand is integrated with a rifle bullet and manages to hit its target, it can absorb the energy from other Stand users on contact. The drawback is that it requires energy to be fired, and if the integrated bullet does not hit the target successfully, it won't be able to absorb energy. When enough unsuccessful shots are fired, Public Image Limited can run out of energy, causing the bullet to return to its original state. However, the more successful shots are fired, the more energy can be stored, which the user can use to possibly quadruple the speed of the bullet and increase its damage and penetration.


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