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For this Stand's novel-exclusive evolved form, see Purple Haze Distortion.
This ferocity! It strikes like a bomb, and departs like a storm... This Stand truly reflects the User's personality.

Leone Abbacchio, VA Chapter 42

Purple Haze (パープル・ヘイズ Pāpuru Heizu?) is the Stand of Pannacotta Fugo, featured in Vento Aureo.

Purple Haze also features centrally along with Fugo in two novels: Golden Heart, Golden Ring and Purple Haze Feedback.


Purple Haze is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Fugo's. Its face and body are patterned by horizontal lozenges of alternating shade, and armor pieces are present on its shoulders, elbows, and knees. It has spikes along its back.

Its lips and appendages are loosely stitched, and its eyes have distinct irides with miotic pupils. On its head is a helmet inspired by Roman design[1] with a transparent visor in the approximate shape of a beak


Purple Haze has a hair-trigger temper, and is difficult for even its user to control. Despite its tendency to drool uncontrollably, it is also a "neat freak" and will obsessively clean the very drool off itself until it bruises its own arm. It is stated that its temper, cleanliness, and viral ability and desire to "clean" everything is similar to Fugo's own personality.

In battle when punching its opponents, Purple Haze shouts, "Oobashaaaa!!!"


Killer Virus Infection: Purple Haze is an unstable Stand that contains a particularly deadly, flesh-eating virus in each of the three bulbs on each of its hands. When a bulb breaks, the virus is released and surrounds Purple Haze. Anything that enters its range is infected, and an adult human being will melt into nothing within 30 seconds as the virus rapidly multiplies within their body and overrides their metabolic functions. The range of the virus is not large, because the virus is weakened by sunlight and only reaches a few meters. In the case where its punch is stopped, it can release a bulb from its hand like a pressurized gun. The virus can not disassociate between friend or foe, and kills anyone that becomes infected. Anything unlucky enough to face Purple Haze face-to-face is (generally) doomed to die.





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