Rainy Day, Dream Away (レイニーデイ・ドリームアウェイ Reinī Dei, Dorīmu Awei) is the Stand of Vladimir Kocaqi featured in Purple Haze Feedback.


This Stand is integrated with the moisture in the air and takes the form of light rain. On closer inspection, the raindrops bear a ghoulish tormented moaning face.


Reality Created to Personal Perspective: When someone has a thought within the Stand, even for a moment, the thought will turn into reality (e.g. if one thinks that they might die from an illness, then their death is guaranteed; If one thinks an enemy is unbeatable, then they will surely lose against them). The Stand is sustained by its targets' spiritual energy, so once the effect takes hold, it will persist even after the affected person or persons leave its range. Even if others are within the Stand's range, the ability can be directed to single individuals.


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