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Ratt (ラット Ratto?) is a Stand used by two rats in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Ratt has the appearance of a machine resembling a shield with a camera lens in the middle and two supporting legs with a cannon in its back. This cannon turns to the opponent when it prepares to fire. Josuke notes to himself that it's an unusually mechanical stand for a rat, and smells of oil. It has no personality.


Melting Darts: Ratt can fire off barbed bullets, which will melt anything upon impact for it to be formed like gelatin or clay. This is very painful and would often lead to the death of one who falls victim to the bullets. Josuke has said that five or six would be enough to turn a person into a large blob, but the victim doesn't die. They can be molded into a shape, such as a cube, and continue to live (presumably unless their head is melted). It can shoot with a range of 60 meters. [citation needed]



  • According to JOJOVELLER, its design is a mix of a skeleton and an old cannon.
  • In the anime, Ratt along with Boy II Man, are the only Stands that were never given stat info cards.


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