Re-ki Taki (滝れーき Taki Reki) is a Japanese mangaW artist credited for his work on the TV adaptation of Stardust Crusaders, Diamond is Unbreakable, and Golden Wind by David Production. He is primarily a background artist, but often provides detailed line art for certain scenes and promo art.

Taki's work consists primarily of Japanese Adult comicsW. Co-produced alongside his partner Hirohisa Onikubo (鬼窪浩久 Onikubo Hirohisa) (a former assistant to Hirohiko Araki), the two distribute DōjinshiW to various outlets, while also occasionally providing illustrations for animation.


  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
    • Background Line Art
    • Ending Animation Background Line Art (ED 1, ED 2)
    • Doll Illustration (eps 40, 42)
    • The World Illustration (ep 47)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
    • Background Line Art Cooperation (ep1)
    • Ending Animation Background Line Art (ED 1)
    • Opening Animation Background Line Art (OP 1-2)
    • Album background line art (OP 2)
    • Design cooperation (eps 11-12)
    • Rohan manuscript production (eps 14-15, 39)
    • Eyecatch Illustration (ep 27)
    • Mechanical Animation Director (eps 28-29)
    • Prop Animation Director (ep 38)
  • Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (OVA)
    • Background Art Cooperation (ep 5)
    • Background Art (ep 2)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
    • Background Art
    • Key Animation (ep 14)
    • Opening Animation Key Animation (OP 1)
    • Ending Animation Background Line Art (ED 1)
    • Eyecatch Illustration (ep 6)


TV Anime Screenshots (原画)

Backgrounds (背景原画)

Line Art / Key Animation (原画)

Personal Art (Property of Re-ki Taki)


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