Remote Romance (リーモート・ロマンス Rīmōto Romansu) is a Stand designed by Hirohiko Araki for the Hirohiko Araki JoJo Exhibition 2012. Its purpose was to promote the exhibition via internet live-streaming.


The Stand appears to be based on a personal computer, with a screen covering its face and keyboard keys on its gauntlets not unlike Chocolate Disco. It is also draped in a garment covering its entire body, making its shape less defined compared to other Stands, which mostly have well-defined bodies.


The original user of Remote Romance was a legendary hacker named Dixie Flatline (ディキシー・フラットライン Dikishī Furattorain) who was put to death in 2006. After his death, only his Stand remained on the network for anyone with access to a particular site to use it.


Broadcasting: The Stand possesses humans who have access to a particular server and gives them the ability to project an alter ego to a remote location.[1]



  • Dixie Flatline is a hacker character from William Gibson's novel Neuromancer. He had died, but a saved copy of his mind existed in cyberspace during the story.
  • This "Stand" was created to stream a visit to the exhibition via internet. The real life "Stand" made a visit to the gallery on particular days, showing its "users" the art exhibited.


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