He's been working as a policeman for 35 years. He never got promoted. But he's been working hard to protect the people of this town everyday.

—-Josuke Higashikata about Ryohei

Ryohei Higashikata (東方 良平 Higashikata Ryōhei) is a minor character from Diamond Is Unbreakable. He is the grandfather of Josuke, and the father of Tomoko Higashikata.


An elderly man with a square jawline, cleft chin, and graying hair, Ryohei has only been shown wearing a standard police officer outfit.


Ryohei is shown as having a humorous personality, even threatening Josuke with a fake gun as a form of joke and ignoring a report to him due to the accused being his daughter. However, he was genuinely dedicated to protecting the public, something that Josuke admired about him.



Ryohei is a respectable citizen serving as a police officer in Morioh for 35 years. One day he managed to arrest the killer Anjuro Katagiri.[3]

Diamond is Unbreakable

Ryohei is first revealed as a police officer passing by on a bike. A man reports to him that the woman walking away had just assaulted him after he had asked to give her a ride and demanded that she be arrested. Ryohei refuses and explains that the woman that the guy cussed out was actually his daughter, Tomoko. Ryohei disregards the man's request and goes to accompany Tomoko home.[4]

The next day, Ryohei returns home after working overnight and asks Josuke how was school. Josuke explains that he is waiting for somebody to come over soon and that Ryohei should go bother Tomoko instead. Josuke walks to the window to talk with Jotaro, but while doing so, Ryohei sees the bottle that contained Aqua Necklace. Tricked by the Stand to think it was a simple whiskey bottle, Ryohei opens it, causing the Stand to escape and attack him. Turning around, Josuke finds Ryohei injured on the ground bleeding from his eyes and mouth. Josuke is able to heal his physical wounds, but realizes he is already dead. His room is left as how it was before Ryohei's death, as a symbol of his memory until his daughter gets courage to take care of his belongings, and his death causes Josuke to vow to rid the town of Morioh from evil Stand users. Aside from Josuke and Jotaro, it was believed that his death was caused by a brain tumor.[5]



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