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The Steel Ball Run: Press Conference (スティール・ボール・ラン 記者会見 Stīru Bōru Ran Kisha Kaiken?), originally San Diego Beach - September 23, 1890 - 2 Days to Start (サンディエゴビーチ 1890年9月23日 スタート2日前 San Diego Bīchi Senhappyakukyūjū Nen Kyū Tsuki Nijūsan Nichi Sutāto Ni Nichi Mae) in the WSJ release, is the seven hundred fifty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the first chapter of Steel Ball Run.


A ruckus is heard in an unnamed native American village, where the chief is informed that the man named Sandman has been keeping English literature with him. This is considered crime, and Sandman is pursued by his fellow villagers. However, he somehow manages to outrun them even though he is running and the villagers are riding horses. Sandman then uses a horse to kick himself higher and reach the top of a rocky formation, escaping his pursuers. A mysterious hand materializing out of Sandman's arm is seen blinding a horseman with sand. When Sandman climbs at the top of the rocky mountain, he sees his sister, who beats him and orders him to apologize to the village.

Sandman refuses, explaining that their tribe will have to study their enemy the White Man in order to survive. Later, in a conversation with his sister, he indicates a multitude of perfectly hemispherical hand-sized depressions in a rock face. He says that it's evidence of an impossible horseback leap, and that the tool they used is likely made by a white man. He then shows his sister a newspaper headline regarding the Steel Ball Run race, with a grand prize of $50,000,000.

Elsewhere, a man reports complications in the logistics of the race to Steven Steel, the promoter of the race. They depict an over-subscription of (culturally diverse) entrants. Steel rudely tells the assistant off, ordering him to stop any disorder, and failing that, throw out any troublemaker out of the race. When the assistant leaves, Steven suddenly jumps at the arms of his young wife Lucy, expressing his doubts about whether he can handle the race, but Lucy reassures him.

Later, Steven holds a press conference. Giving the race's rules, he explains that the Steel Ball Run race will start on the Pacific San Diego beach at 10 a.m. on September 25, 1890. The goal is New York, in a distance of ~6000 km. The first will receive $50,000,000; the second $1,000,000; the third $500,000; the fourth $250,000; the fifth $120,000; and so on, up to 10th place, along with special checkpoint prizes. The only condition for participants is an age of over 16 years, and a participation fee of $1200. Projecting a race time of 60 – 80 days, Steven mentions the rule that changing horses is not allowed. Weapons are allowed, but not crime. Steven names Mountain Tim, Urmd Avdol, Dot Han and Diego Brando as among the most famous entrants. Finally, he rejects a question about his wife Lucy, who's suggested to be 14 years of age.

A man drops a pouch of coins on a counter. The clerk reiterates the Steel Ball Run race rules, then asks his signature. The man is given a race commemoration medal and badge, with the identifying number B-636. He signs "Gyro Zeppeli" and grins widely, revealing his shining teeth.

A man reaches for Gyro's Steel Ball from behind him. When he touches it, he is forced to his knees, unable to stand. When the clerk notes that Gyro's fee is short $20, Gyro uncovers the missing money out of the man's hands.





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