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The Final Stretch: 1,000 Meters Left (最終直線 残り1,000メートル Saishū Chokusen Nokori Issen Mētoru?), originally 15,000 Meters - Before the Goal - 10:18 a.m. (15,000メートル ゴール前 午前10時18分 Jūgosen Mētoru Gōru Mae Gozen Jū Toki Jūhachi Bun) in the WSJ release, is the seven hundred sixty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the eleventh chapter of Steel Ball Run.


This chapter begins with the announcer saying "Gyro is twisting his body way back to look behind him there's only a little under 1,000 meters left until the goal it's like he's measuring the distance between him and the rear group... Is he anxious or does he think he can afford to do this!?" The announcer then says "Cutting through the Mexican wind Santana, the flood of riders drive towards the end goal what a furious momentum the shouts from the crowd at the goal are like a great tsunami we can't even hear the sound of the arriving train!" We then move to Johnny who is thinking "Damn this Brit Jockey Diego Brando I outrun him and outrun him but he keeps on using my horse as a windshield and he just won't go away!! Staying all this way,through all of this wind... He's planning on letting me lead until the goal, and then passing all of the others at the last minute... but no way in hell am I gonna let that happen Gyro should already be at his limit and if anyone is going to beat Gyro Zeppeli... It's going to be me Johnny Joestar!!" As Johnny finishes his thought Diego is surprised to see Johnny's horse sink close to ground then sprint ahead kicking up rocks which causes Diego to say "This guy was he a professional jockey he protected himself from my windshield attack, he even kicked up some rocks at me when he sped up to think that someone outside of the Traditional British Racing world had skills like this!" The announcer chimes in saying "Oh no we can now see a few horses collapsing they'll get caught up in the fall there are a few more horses that are leaning look, they're leaning and they're exhausted all of the horses are exhausted they've run for 14,000 meters non-stop their level of concentration was at max for the full length of this deadly battle there are a few horses out there that are just refusing to run anymore all of the horses on the field are already at their limits your aim must be to avoid that kind of danger the goal is to gain ground from there on out!!" As the riders continue onward we focus in on Diego who is thinking "Looks like from here on... technique is going to just be useless... leg power is all that's left how much leg power was i able to save reaching here...!!" Pocoloco is riding along when his Stand appears telling him to go left of Gyro. The announcer states "And here comes Sandman coming down from the nearby cliffs rejoining the race ahead of Gyro's group running further to the goal Diego soon runs ahead catching up to Johnny from behind while both are still behind Gyro by 5 lengths Gyro meanwhile hasn't lost any pace while chasing Sandman and Pocoloco is trying to pass Gyro from the left four riders are all about to attack the leading Sandman Gyro's just 3 lengths away from the Sandman They're all lined up and the four horsemen are lined up on Sandman's trail." Sandman thinks to himself as this happens "I've no homeland to return to but sis I'm definitely going to win this race for the spirits of the earth and for the spirits of my father's ancestors... please give me your courage!!" The announcer says "All four horses are lined up side by side at the nose there's only 100 meters left Sandman speeds up once again wait Gyro's slightly ahead and now Dio's coming out who will be in first place it's become one fierce battle in front of the goal!!" Just then Pocoloco on the advice of his stand rides onto a dead tree using it as springboard to send his horse ahead of the other racers. However in a strange turn of events Gyro ends up ahead of Pocoloco and the other racers this causes Pocoloco to say "What in the hell is up with this guy this can't be he should have no leg power left at all I won back at the downhill so why's he out in front he shouldn't even have been able to push through he was flogging it way too much back on the straight away too!!" Gyro turns back to Johnny smiling at him and saying "Johnny Joestar I'm amazed you did well catching up to me by the way kid... ever ride on a ship I've been on one before did you know the more headwinds that a sailing vessel gets on its sails... the faster it will go and this headwind the headwind from Mexico... was there to help my horse right from the very start!" Johnny looks at Gyro confused as Pocoloco also confused replies "What's this guy talking about what the hell's he rambling about!?" While Diego shocked says "Who's this man to think such a Jockey like him exists in this world!!" Johnny watches Gyro move closer to the goal line remarking at the sight by saying "No way the cape on his back the steel ball he's wrapped it with the steel ball in order to make a sail.. like it's a sailing vessel... this is the power of the wind the headwind from Mexico..." The chapter ends with the announcer saying "50 meters to the goal now 30 left here he comes yes, he's coming he's pulling away and holding them back as he pushes through and he's passing through he's passing through he's closed in on the goal Gyro Zeppeli is in first it's a sweeping victory with a 5 length lead what a strong showing from start to finish and the champion of the 1st stage is Gyro Zeppeli and with a running time of 18 minutes, 7 seconds this is the birth of the race leader in the Steel Ball Run!"



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