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The Desert Born Outlaws (2) (砂漠で生まれたならず者 その② Sabaku de Umareta Narazumono Sono 2?), originally Boom Boom Family (ブンブーン一家 Bunbūn Ikka) in the WSJ release, is the seven hundred sixty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the sixteenth chapter of Steel Ball Run.


As the Boom Boom Family approaches, Gyro is incapacitated by his foot, which is also hardening. Johnny tries to shoot at the Boom Booms, but his pistol destroys itself and the pieces are drawn toward Gyro's leg, burrowing into the skin. The duo then understands that the power has to do with magnetism and the blood got on him. Gyro tries to attack Benjamin with a Steel Ball, which disintegrates in midair. The Boom Booms, including Andre who woke up, begin circling around the duo. Gyro catches a glimpse of Tomb of the Boom, which disturbs him. He then attacks Andre, bouncing it against the ground and piercing through his stomach with a small rock since the Boom Booms' power only controls metal.





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