Crossing the Forest (雑木林越え Zōkibayashigoe?), originally 15,000 Meters - The Woods - 10:12 a.m. (15,000メートル 雑木林 午前10時12分 Jūgosen Mētoru Zōkibayashi Gozen Jū Toki Jūni Bun) in the WSJ release, is the seven hundred sixtieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the eighth chapter of Steel Ball Run.


The chapter begins with Pocoloco thinking about his luck and how he is confident that, even if he closes his eyes, no branches will hit him, and he will get through the forest successfully. The announcer exclaims that the 3,600 horses have split up into two groups, and that the group not following Gyro's shortcut will use a safer route despite the 1,000 meters more they have to go. As the announcer finishes speaking, Johnny moves through the forest, wondering where Gyro is and hoping that he won't lose him. As Johnny continues to follow Pocoloco in the forest, he notices that his eyes are closed, and muses as to why Pocoloco made this choice. Johnny passes by Pocoloco as he hits his head against a tree branch and nearly falls off his horse. Meanwhile, Gyro is heading through the forest. He comes to a stop, noticing a runaway horse without a rider. He then realizes that Pocoloco is being dragged by his horse and is catching up to Gyro. Johnny wonders if Pocoloco's luck is complete chance, or if he calculated everything from the beginning. Gyro notices that Pocoloco's horse is catching up to him. Gyro continues to go through the forest, taking out his Steel Balls and throwing them against two trees. This causes them to close as he reaches the end of the forest. Pocoloco hits a few, as he is a few feet behind Gyro. The announcer describes Gyro exiting the forest and sees Pocoloco close behind. Pocoloco remarks that he is a lucky guy because he was knocked back on to the saddle by a tree branch. Gyro believes that Pocoloco has to possess an ability of some sort.



  1. Shonen Jump #1775 - No. 14, 2004
  2. Weekly Shonen Jump Pure Rankings 2004

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