The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 2 (地獄の門番 ペット·ショップ その2 Jigoku no Monban Petto Shoppu Sono Ni)[1] is the sixty-fifth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, the thirty-ninth episode of Stardust Crusaders and the fifteenth episode of the Egypt Arc. It covers last few pages of Chapter 225 through Chapter 227 of the manga.


Having been caught by Pet Shop's ice attacks, Iggy is forced to lose one of his paws in order to escape the sewers via its water supply, using The Fool to hide at the bottom of the river. However, even when hiding underwater, Iggy is not safe from Pet Shop, who dives into the river after him and uses his ice in an attempt to crush Iggy's dome. Digging downwards only to find Pet Shop waiting for him, Iggy uses the pressure from the collapsing dome behind him to rush forward and clamp Pet Shop's beak shut just as he prepares an ice missile, causing him to destroy himself. Exhausted from a lack of blood and coming close to drowning, Iggy is rescued by the boy he protected earlier. He is subsequently found by a fully recovered Kakyoin, who reunites with the group after having a Speedwagon Foundation doctor treat Iggy's injuries. Following Iggy's lead, the group finally arrives at the location of DIO's hideout, where they are confronted by another of DIO's servants.




Manga/Anime Differences

  • Flashbacks of Iggy's life are included while he sinks into the river.
  • Once the Crusaders reach DIO's Mansion, flashbacks are included of their previous battles leading up to this point.


  • The first opening, STAND PROUD was used in the interlude when the Crusaders reach DIO's Mansion.
  • STAND CARD(S): Horus


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