DIO's World, Part 1 (DIOの世界 その1 DIO no Sekai Sono Ichi)[1] is the seventy-first episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, the forty-fifth episode of Stardust Crusaders and the twenty-first episode of the Egypt Arc. It covers Chapter 248 through most of Chapter 252 of the manga.


Polnareff attempts to climb up the stairs leading to DIO but keeps finding himself further down, realizing it has something to do with DIO's Stand, The World. Before Polnareff and DIO can clash, Jotaro's group arrive on the scene, learning about DIO's power and Avdol and Iggy's deaths from Polnareff. Pursuing DIO up to the top of his mansion, the group have Nukesaku open up DIO's coffin, only for him to suddenly be inside in an instant. Feeling murderous intent from inside the mansion, the group are forced to flee as the sun sets. While Polnareff, refusing to run away, is joined by Jotaro in pursuing DIO despite not knowing his power, DIO hijacks a limousine and pursues Joseph and Kakyoin, managing to block each of Kakyoin's attacks. Determining that The World is a close-range Stand like Star Platinum, Kakyoin comes up with a plan to expose its secrets.




Manga/Anime Differences

  • Some of the Joestar Group's phrases were removed after DIO killed Nukesaku.
  • The scene where Wilson drove the car on the sidewalk and mowed down civilians was cut, although the car is shown as bloodied after a scene transition.


  • This is the second time the ending music uses another part of the melody, which was done previously with Roundabout. The staff roll was already showing mid-action, and then completed in black screen, right after Kakyoin announces his plan to find out more of DIO's Stand, which was still largely unknown at that time.
  • STAND CARD(S): The World


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