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Scary Monsters (スケアリー・モンスターズ Sukearī Monsutāzu?) is the Stand of Dr. Ferdinand featured in Steel Ball Run.

Following Ferdinand's death, Diego Brando retains the transformation ability through the power of the Saint's Left Eye[1] and, as a result, develops his own version of the Stand[2].


Transforming into the dinosaur Utahraptor; Diego gains stripes spelling out "DIO" all over his body. His hair turns into spikes that end in round, ball-shaped tips on the back of his head. Traces of his checkered shirt are still visible on his chest.

After being under the influence of the Stand for a while, Diego is able to turn into a more human-shaped form while still retaining sharp teeth, claws, dinosaur legs and a tail, with a deranged, mad expression on his face.

As the Stand is bound to Diego's body, its appearance is based on the form he takes.


  • Dinosaur Infection: Scary Monsters demonstrates the ability to infect other living beings with a virus which transforms them into dinosaurs and causes them to fall under the direct orders of the user. Each infected person or animal has a different look and capabilities, as well as the ability to infect others with the virus by biting or scratching them. The Stand seems to have no limits in terms of range or number of individuals infected. However, should the user be severely injured, his powers will disappear and all dinosaurs will revert to their original form. The original user, Dr. Ferdinand would exploit his subordinates' power to travel, either by riding them or by getting swallowed and lying in the body of one of the dinosaurs.
    • Diego typically uses this ability to create armies of miniature carnivorous raptors out of birds, rats or fleas, or turn his own horse into a dinosaur to grant it the ability to climb walls.
  • Dinosaur Morph: Unlike Ferdinand, Diego is capable of changing his own body into a dinosaur, either completely or as a hybrid of the two. While transformed, he has increased stamina, strength, speed and vision, along with the ability to eat anything. It far surpasses human limits similar to the vampires of previous parts, but without the weakness to sunlight.
  • Fossilize: Introduced later in the story, Diego demonstrates the ability to alter beings transformed by his Stand into a hardened dormant state much like a fossil. The ability can be used a variety of ways, from fusing a being into a structure like a rock or tree as a camouflage[3] (not unlike the dormant state of the Pillar Men) to shaping the fossilized being into something more creative like candle holders.
  • Hand to Hand: Perhaps the most curious and unique ability of Dio's power. Being bound to his body, Scary Monsters allows him to fight against other Stands and physically damage them with his bare hands, whereas normally Stands can be damaged only by other Stands.




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