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Japanese Name セト神
User Alessi
Namesake Set (Egyptian god)
Manga Debut Vol. 22 Ch. 205
'Sethan' Alessi (1)
Anime Debut Episode 57
'Bastet' Mariah (2)
Destructive Power D
Speed D
Range E
Durability C
Precision D
Developmental Potential D

Sethan (セト神 Seto-shin?) is the Stand of Alessi featured in Part III: Stardust Crusaders.


Sethan is bound to Alessi's shadow, taking its form but with a distinguished shape, the most prominent feature being its round head, a pointed horn and large eyes. If the head turns in profile, the horn is revealed to be a crest, and Sethan's cruel, jagged beak is revealed. Its design is based on the opening of the Tetsujin 28-go anime, as well as the Nazca geoglyphs[1]. Sethan has no personality. It represents the Egyptian God Set, related to tornados and storms.


Age Reversal: Anyone standing in Alessi's shadow will age backwards at a rapid speed. Polnareff, who touched it for a split second, ended up as an approximately 7 or 8 year-old child, while a woman probably in her twenties stood in it for ten seconds and was reverted back into a helpless fetus. The body isn't the only thing that age backwards, but the mind too, making the target forget things they only knew as an adult (like names or how to conjure a Stand). If the target knew these things as a child they will keep them, but Stands also will revert back to childhood, as Sethan also reverts the spirit and not just the age.

Shadow Reflection: As the Stand takes on the form of Alessi's shadow, it imitates and replicates everything he does and has. Because of that any weapon he holds is also held by his shadow, allowing it to attack the opponent with the shadow of the weapon, able to come out of the surface upon which it is projected.




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