Sethan (セト神 Seto-shin) is the Stand of Alessi featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo God 05 - Sethan


Sethan is bound to Alessi's shadow, taking its form but with a distinguished shape, the most prominent feature being its round head, a pointed crest and large eyes. If the shadow is sideways, Sethan's cruel, jagged beak is revealed[1]. Its design is based on the opening of the Tetsujin 28-go anime, as well as the Nazca geoglyphs.[2]

Sethan has no personality of its own and only does what its user wills it to.

Sethan represents the Egyptian God Set, related to tornados and storms.


Sethan is a weak Stand with almost no offensive options relying on its esoteric power to make its opponent weaker than Alessi. However this alone makes it a terrifying opponent to face.

Shadow Reflection

Sethan takes on the form of Alessi's shadow, it imitates and replicates everything he does and has[1].

Because of this, any weapon Alessi holds is also held by Sethan, allowing it to attack the opponent with the shadow of the weapon[3]. Moreover, the shadow can move independantly from its possessor and even partially stick out of a surface to attack[1][3].

Age Reversal

Anyone standing in Alessi's shadow will age backwards at a rapid speed[1]. Polnareff, who touched it for a split second, ended up as an approximately 7 or 8 year-old child[1], while a woman in her twenties stood in it for ten seconds and was reverted back into a helpless fetus[4] that without the connection to the mother's womb, is bound to die within minutes. If a Stand user is de-aged to before he acquired his Stand like Jotaro, they will temporarily lose it[5].

The mind of the target also ages backwards, making them forget things they only knew as an adult (like names of friends or how to conjure a Stand). Stands also become younger in form, as Sethan also reverts the age of the spirit[3].



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