Sheila E (シーラE Shīra Ī) is a character from the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.


One of Giorno's bodyguards. The E in her alias stands for "Erinni," Italian name of the greek goddesses of revenge. A merciless fighter, at age 10 she crushed the Miranza gang, and took their territory (Rome's casinos), for Passione. For this deed, she was chosen to be a bodyguard. She joined Passione in order to get revenge on Illuso, who killed her sister. When Giorno tells her how Illuso died, she accepts it as a just punishment, and feels a deep sense of debt to Giorno. She was in contact with the assassination team, even though contact between teams is normally forbidden, so she is sent on the mission to take out the drugs team.


  • Sheila E is the first novel-only Stand user whose Stand has a Stand Cry, that being Voodoo Child's "ERIERIERI!" 


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