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Sky High (スカイ・ハイ Sukai Hai?) is the Stand of Rikiel featured in Stone Ocean.


Though never actually seen in the storyline, it's Stand page suggests Sky High takes the form of a small beetle-like creature attached to its user's right wrist.


Rod Manipulation: Sky High's only power is to control and direct the mysterious cryptids known as rods.

Also called sky fish, rods are said to move at speeds untraceable to the naked eye, and have only been seen on cameras and video recordings. Before Rikiel discovered his power, their very existence could never be fully proven. Through Sky High, Rikiel discovered the rods main source of sustenance: body heat. By flying past other organisms, the rods can absorb the body heat as food and use it to fuel themselves. When concentrated in one spot, the rapid decrease in heat can cause body parts and internal organs to become prone to disease and failure. Rikiel uses this to slow down and disable his opponents, and then moves closer to attack them more accurately. Effect of the attack depends on the organ. By stealing heat from the muscles, Rikiel can shut them down or even make them rot, which he uses with enough precision, to effectively control target's hand gestures or even speech. By targeting hypothalamus near the upper jaw, he can slow down the visual perception of the targets, making them see things with a few seconds delay. If the rods concentrate on a spot on the back of the neck, the victim's brain will shut down and die. Rods also can be used to numb the person's nerves, thus preventing them from feeling shock or pain.

Even so, the rods are incredibly dangerous even from a distance. They are always great in numbers and are only visible during free fall or when Rikiel stops them himself. However, Rikiel needs to concentrate to properly control the rods, and their effects can even backfire on him if he loses his cool.



  • In reality, rods were discovered to be a optical illusion/collusion captured on camera during free fall, typically caused by traces of a flying insect's wingbeats.


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