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Sorbet and Gelato (ソルベ・と・ジェラート Sorube to Jerāto?) are two minor characters mentioned in Vento Aureo.

They are deceased members of Passione and by extension La Squadra di Esecuzione who were executed by the Boss because they tried to unmask him. Their death created a grudge between La Squadra di Esecuzione and Passione.


Sorbet and Gelato are two men of average build, Sorbet being the dark haired one, keeping his hair backwards, while Gelato has light messy hair.

Both wear undistinguisable blouses.


Little is known about Sorbet and Gelato's personalities, as they died prior of the events of Vento Aureo. They were however described as psychopaths by fellow assassin Formaggio and were always close, leading to rumors about the true nature of their relationships.

The fact that Sorbet and Gelato decided to investigate the Diavolo's identity by themselves could indicate either overconfidence or bravery.


Being from La Squadra di Esecuzione, it can be assumed Sorbet and Gelato were Stand users, which were never revealed in the story.


Sorbet and Gelato were introduced during Formaggio's recollection of his reasons for kidnapping Trish Una. Both specialized in assassination and were always so close to each other that they were rumored to be a couple together. Apparently disgruntled by the lack of territory their boss granted them, they attempted to pursue the identity of their boss. Gelato was tied up and forced to watch Sorbet being sectioned into pieces by their boss, and swallowed his cloth gag to commit suicide and save himself from further terror. His corpse was later delivered to his teammates, with the cloth still stuck in his throat and a note attached that read "punishment". Days later, thirty-six individual sections of Sorbet would be preserved in formalin frames, which would be delivered to the assassins one by one.[2]

They are later shown being recounted by Risotto Nero as he remembers his rebellion against the boss to avenge them.[3]



  • The deaths of Sorbet and Gelato are likely a reference to Luca Brasi's murder of two enemy mafioso in The Godfather series, in which one is hacked to pieces alive (Sorbet) and the other swallows his cloth gag to save himself from a gruesome death (Gelato).


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