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Generally, every Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure follows a set of rules that affect Stands in general. However, certain Stands do not. This page contains unexplained cases for Stand Types, including Stands that are already listed under the general rules but subsequently specifies the nature of their powers and mechanics.

Universal Range Stand

In general terms, a Stand has a limited range of action, depending on its user's position. These Stands, if not for their abilities, have universally-ranged effects.

Harmful Stand

In this case, the User cannot control their Stand and becomes a victim of its powers. This is not to be confused with the Stand Infection category.

  • Super Fly: The user was trapped in his own Stand.
  • Cheap Trick: The user did not know about his Stand, but knew that he could not show his back to other people.
  • Purple Haze: Can indiscriminately poison anyone, friend or foe.
  • Survivor: Indiscriminately angered anyone, friend or foe
  • Ticket to Ride: Slowly killing its User.
  • Schott Key No.2: Can indiscriminately poison anyone, friend or foe.
  • The Book: Forces the user to remember every horrible thing that has happened to them.

Stands With Additional Powers

These Stands grant additional characteristics to its user besides its main power.

Stand/Stand User Subjected to an Arrow

The Arrow is known for its ability of further unlocking the potential of a Stand. While the actual mechanics behind this process is unknown, it seems that when a Stand user is pierced by the Arrow, the Stand's appearance is unaltered, but it gains a new power. On the other hand, if the Arrow hits the Stand instead of the user, the Stand undergoes a change of appearance and gains new abilities. Only three Stands so far apply to this category:

  • Killer Queen (Gained Bites the Dust)
  • Chariot Requiem (The power to change all life forms, exchange spirits, and reflect Stand powers of those who attempt to take the Arrow from it)
  • Gold Experience Requiem (The power to turn anything into nothing by setting an opponent's thoughts and/or actions to zero, erasing the cause, or erasing the effect and keeping the cause.)

Uncontrollable Stand

Some Stands cannot be controlled by their Users and are instead controlled by other sources instead or have a personality completely independent of its user. As an obvious result, these Stands do not follow their masters' orders.

Rarer Stand Situations

Shared Stand

The one-to-one Stand/User relationship is broken.

Stand Colony

The Stand is comprised of multiple bodies, so like automatic Stands, damaging one has little to no effect on the user.

Control-Based Stand

The Stand's powers only manifest by manipulating living things.

  • Justice (controls targets after wounding them)
  • Surface (manipulates a person after imitating their appearance)
  • Heaven's Door (turns people into books which allows further control)
  • Sky High (controls the creatures famous in Cryptozoology known as "rods")
  • Fun Fun Fun (controls targets after wounding them and standing above them)

Stand Infection

In this case, the Stand is more a side-effect of a certain cause.

Temporary Stand

In these cases, the user possesses a Stand as long as they kept a Corpse Part.

  • Johnny Joestar (The first time his Corpse Parts were taken away, his powers disappeared. After his Stand, Tusk, had evolved, he retains his power even after Funny Valentine had stolen his Corpse Parts.)

Same User, Different Stand

Some Stand Users possesses two different Stands instead of only one.

During Diamond Is Unbreakable, because of its unique ability, Cheap Trick can belong to a person who already possesses a Stand after killing its previous user, making it possible for a user to own two Stands at once, though in a case of parasitism.

During Stone Ocean, Emporio uses both his own Stand, Burning Down the House, and Weather Report's Stand, due to the latter having been extracted by Pucci as a Disc from Weather Report and being put into Emporio. Furthermore, Pucci uses an Unnamed Stand to instantly boil water that Foo Fighters was drinking.

During Steel Ball Run, when in search for the Turbo Eyes, Gyro Zeppeli and Diego Brando took a part each. Diego retained his Stand Infection, even when they removed the eye he took.

Fusion Stand

In the event of two Stand users becoming one being, like in the case with Josuke Higashikata, their Stands will fuse together. The user's new Stand will acquire a new ability or aspect, which is usually a combination of the two original Stand abilities.

Heaven Stand

Through a meticulous, specific, and complex plan described by DIO as a process to "achieve Heaven", a Stand User may obtain a godlike Stand different from their original, complete with preeminent and powers and abilities.

(The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven, which was not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)

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