Speed King (スピード・キング Supīdo Kingu) is the Stand of Jobin Higashikata, featured in JoJolion.


Speed King has a humanoid appearance. It possesses a mannequin-like body and a human-like face with holes for eyes (later depicted as goggles) and a flat raised surface resembling a nose, as well as a fisherman's cap with several metal spikes along the brim and various strings of equal length sticking out from both sides. It has two large horns on each side of its head, a wide mouth, bearing gritted teeth along with pores and bumps over its 'skin'.

It appears to have robotic joints across its arms, and a fur-covered vest-like torso. Speed King's body becomes very skeletal and robotic below chest-level, lacking much of an abdomen and instead having metal bars and other apparatuses connecting it to its lower body.


Heat Production: Speed King has the primary ability to raise the temperature of an object or person by a few degrees at a single localized point, all within a short radius of about 10 centimeters.[1] This effect only affects objects that either Jobin or Speed King have touched in some form. He has used it to melt the wax stuffed into his beetles after brushing them with a paintbrush and has given Josuke a nosebleed simply after offering some tissues to wipe his face with, threatening him with a practical embolism should the localized heat reach any other part of his body. This power can be weaponized and used to heat peoples' blood vessels to render them unconscious or even kill them.[2]

The Stand also has other hidden abilities that Jobin keeps undisclosed, even to his own family.[3] Speed King's heat production is implied to simply be one application of this broader, hidden power.[4]




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