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You've grown stronger, both in body and mind! And now you have the ability to soften anything in this world, even the hardest diamonds!

—Spice Girl

Spice Girl (スパイス・ガール Supaisu Gāru?) is the Stand of Trish Una, featured in Vento Aureo.


Spice Girl is humanoid Stand of a female figure.

It has several mathematical signs on its body: Two plus signs rest on her shoulders, two on her elbows and one on her forehead, followed by a division sign on her brow and a multiplication sign on her crown.


Spice Girl seems to have a consciousness separate from Trish, and has even been seen giving her advice during battle. Of note is the fact that, unlike most Stands, Spice Girl provides a name for itself.

Trish first becomes aware of Spice Girl's existence due to the Stand actually speaking to her when she was panicking over what to do about Notorious B.I.G. Her attitude and strength of character are also reminiscent of Trish's first appearance.

Her battle/Stand cry is "WANNABEEE~" (in reference to the Spice Girls' debut single)[citation needed].


Softening: Spice Girl is able to soften any material; even the hardest of diamonds. This can provide a cushion for a softer landing, or create a backlash when the object returns to normal (like a catapult when it is pulled and released). It can even soften moving objects like bullets.

Super Strength: Spice Girl has considerable strength. When used against objects that have been "softened", they will break cleanly. An example of this can be seen when Spice Girl breaks off the front of a plane by rapidly punching the cabin.


  • When Spice Girl was first hinted at in Chapter 499 she had a bird-like quality to her illustrated by her claw. By the time she was fully shown in Chapter 537 her design was apparently changed and the claw was gone.



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