Now, you are able to soften any object in the world! That which is soft is more unbreakable than any diamond!

—Spice Girl

Spice Girl (スパイス・ガール Supaisu Gāru) is the Stand of Trish Una, featured in Vento Aureo.


Spice Girl is a humanoid Stand of feminine figure, resembling Trish in its proportions.

She has several mathematical signs on her body: Two plus signs rest on her shoulders, two on her elbows and one on her forehead, followed by a division sign on her brow and a multiplication sign on her crown. Her face is without a nose, and has black streaks running vertically across her eyes.

Spice Girl wears a holed slip dress with a square pattern sewn onto it with various metallic pieces dangling on the front and back of the dress's bottom; she also wears matching high-heel shoes.

Most media featuring Spice Girl portray it as being various shades of pink.

When first hinted at,[1] and during its full reveal,[2] a deep hand print with sharp nails appears on the surface under Trish's hands.


Makes sense... You've got quite a unique flavor.

—Trish upon hearing her Stand's name

A rare feature among Stands, Spice Girl is fully sentient and has a consciousness separate from Trish's.[2]

Spice Girl's sentience is to the point where she gives herself her own name.[3] Likewise, Trish refers to the Stand as "her" and "she", unlike the common "it" used by other Stand Users. The Stand nonetheless considers herself a part of Trish.[3]

Spice Girl is collected under pressure[2] and openly analyzes the situation to help advise Trish. She considers hesitation to lead to weakness[2] and inversely, praises the value of one's determination, the reverse of hesitation.[3]

In battle, Spice Girl is merciless and was shown to very crudely insult Notorious B.I.G. as she thrusts a pipe into it.[3]

Trish first becomes aware of Spice Girl's existence due to the Stand actually speaking to her when she was panicking over what to do about Notorious B.I.G., but Spice Girl claims that she's been on Trish's side ever since she was a little girl.[2] In her first appearance, Spice Girl takes the role of Trish's mentor and constantly advises her, but also pushes her to be braver.[3] After Trish stands for herself, Spice Girl becomes more passive.

She also openly acknowledges Giorno Giovanna's role in influencing Trish's spirit into maturing, referring to him as a mysterious individual.[4]

Her battle/Stand cry is "WANNABEEE~"[4] (in reference to the Spice Girls' debut single).


Destructive Power










Developmental Potential



Spice Girl is a close-range Stand with considerable strength. She was able to use a pipe to stab and section Notorious B.I.G. into pieces in an attempt to destroy it[3] and could break off the front of a plane by rapidly punching the walls and roof of the cabin.[4] Moreover, her softening power enables her to take advantage of Trish's surroundings easily.

With Trish's bold and ingenious command, Spice Girl proves to be a valuable addition to Bucciarati's Gang.


Spice Girl is able to soften any material she strikes.[5]

When Spice Girl hits something with her fists, she can soften said object into a rubber-like consistency. Any material, even metal or rock, will be softened into the same state. Said objects gain consistency and elasticity akin to rubber or putty, unable to be crushed even by a strong Stand like Notorious B.I.G. or be punctured by any force including sharp objects and thus making said object actually many times more resilient.[3] She can even soften moving objects like bullets, causing projectiles to merely flatten upon contact.[6]

Because of the elasticity, the object accumulates energy when deformed and, like elastic, will suddenly create a violent backlash.[3]

The softness persists even if Spice Girl doesn't touch the object anymore and she can freely undo her power when needed.[6]



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