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Sports Maxx
Japanese Name スポーツ・マックス
Namesake Sportmax (fashion brand)
Stand Limp Bizkit
Prisoner Number MA-26156[1]
Date of Death 2011
Gender Male
Occupation Car Dealer (Gang Leader)[1]
Manga Debut Vol. 69 Ch. 645
Kiss Of Love & Revenge (1)
Final Appearance Vol. 70 Ch. 651
Kiss Of Love & Revenge (7) (Death)
Vol. 70 Ch. 652
Ultra Security Solitary (Appears in flashback(s))
The character featured in this article is commonly referred to as "Sports Max".

Sports Maxx (スポーツ・マックス Supōtsu Makkusu?) features in Part VI: Stone Ocean as the main antagonist of the arc Kiss of Love & Revenge.

Ermes Costello enters Green Dolphin Street Prison in pursuit of Sports Maxx, who murdered her sister.


Sports Maxx is a man of average to above-average height and medium build.

He has short, sparse hair in soft spikes; and eyebrows in the shape of large, light circles, tapering into short tails.

He wears a long, light coat and light pants, both patterned by a dark paisley design.


Sports Maxx has displayed the behavior of a violent gangster prior to entering Green Dolphin Street Prison. After entering the prison, however, he takes up a more respectable façade, sculpting a bird and visiting the graveyard to place flowers. Fittingly enough his hobby is taxidermy.



Sentenced to 5 years in prison due to tax evasion and assault, Sports Maxx is a car dealer by profession but is in fact a gang member. Ermes Costello wants him dead for the murder of her sister.

Stone OceanEdit

Kiss of Love & RevengeEdit

At an unknown time frame is he given the stand Limp Bizkit by Pucci, who notices his potential for evil and has him revive the bone of Dio, which later transforms into the Green Baby after absorbing thirty six prisoner's souls. This process is shown after his death read from his memory disc, revealing his critical role in Pucci's project "to reach heaven".

He later confronts Ermes after being stalked by her, and is drowned inside a sewage pipe under the result of her stand 's ability. However, he uses his stand to make himself an invisible zombie before initiating combat against her, and also summons numerous zombies from the grave to aid himself. After a hard-fought fight (which featured Jolyne Cujoh and critically injured F.F.) Ermes defeats Sports Max and avenges her sister. The zombie-Max is pummeled and ceases to exist.

He also later returns briefly in the form of a memory through use of Underworld to further explain the nature of it to Ermes Costello.


  • His outfit is similar to Bruno Buccellati's.
  • Both having murdered a sibling; his relationship to Ermes is similar to that of J. Gail to Polnareff.
  • The grounds for Sports Maxx's emprisonment, tax evasion, could be a reference to Al Capone, who got condemned for the same motive due to the impossibility of proving his participation in gang activities.



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