This is a list of the different types of Stands within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe.

Ability Types

Stands are primarily defined by the type of power they possess. In a fight it is crucial for a Stand User to know the type of the Stand's ability as it uncovers their weaknesses.

Close Range Stands

Close-Range Power Type (近距離パワー型 Kinkyori Pawā Gata)
These Stands are known for being able to inflict powerful and/or swift physical attacks with their bodies. Usually, Close Range Stand's Destructive Power and Speed ranks somewhere between A-C and they are able of movements requiring a high degree of precision as the User is directly commanding them. However, they are only able to move small distances from their users although their own abilities could have a greater range. These Stands will generally obey their users' will.

The User of a Close-Range Stand usually prefers to directly confront their opponents, allowing his or her superior might to be put to use and bypassing their weak reach. Moreover, they often disposes of a powerful ability. However they are nearly powerless against an out of reach target.

List of Close-Range Power Stands
StarPlatinumAv MagicianRedAv SilverChariotAv TheFoolAv DarkBlueMoonAv YellowTemperanceAv CreamP The World profile CD AV THP EchoesACT3Av
WRS Diverdown1 Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap1 TheWorldAv Softnwet1 KQ2

Long Range Stands

Long-Distance Manipulate Type (遠隔操作型 Engaku Sōsaku Gata)
Also known as a Remote Control Stand,[1] These Stands are defined by a greater-than average range, some Long-Distance Stands being able to go kilometers away from their Users; thus they are typically ranked A or B in Range. Moreover, the User is able to command their movement with a good precision. On the other hand, the remaining link between User and Stand means injuring the Stand will damage the User as well and most of these Stands aren't a physical match for other types of Stands.

The User of Long-Distance Stand will typically exploit their greater range and precision to set up favorable ambushes and kill/injure the enemy before they can retaliate. The User may find themselves vulnerable if caught with their Stand far away from them.

List of Long-Distance Manipulate Stands
HierophantGreenAv TowerOfGrayAv HangedManAv LoversAv HighPriestessAv GebAv Echoes ACT1Av Echoes ACT2 Av AquaNecklaceAv RedHotChilliPepperAv HarvestAv
Hs SXP ARSM ClashAv TalkingHeadAv ManhattanTransferAv WS C-Moon 2 WiredAv Yasuho Stand2 KingNothingAv

Automatic Stands

Automatic Stand
Automatic Stands are all the Stands who do not follow their Users' command but rather act automatically though they can be preset to follow specific instructions. Most Automatic Stands are in a way separated from their Users and thus harming the Stand will leave the User unscathed and sometimes unaware of his Stand's status. However, there are still exceptions to still rule. There are several sub-types of automatic Stands.

First a Stand may be a Far-Distance Autopilot type. These automated Stands can wander far away from their Users without losing in power. In addition to their respective abilities, they will have noteworthy physical abilities such as great resilience. However most Far-Distance Autopilot Stands follow simple instructions centered around a single datum like temperature and cannot adapt to the situation nor make precise moves.[2]

Secondly several Stands act on their own simply because the User is dead, yet they have maintained themselves. It makes defeating them for good more difficult and in some cases impossible.

Thirdly, all kinds of Stands may simply have their power function automatically in some fashion, the User needing minimal input. A Stand's ability may be linked to a condition unrelated to the User's will, making it semi-automatic. They could be sentient and act on their own without following its User's orders. In that case the User may be unable to control it and possibly be a victim of their own stand's power.

List of Automatic Stands
Far Distance Autopilot Type (遠隔自動操縦型 Enkaku Jidō Sōjū-gata)
EmpressAv SheerHeartAttackAv Hs BlackSabbathAv BabyFaceAv RollingStonesAv MarilynMansonAv YoYoMaAv Yasuho Stand2 BornThisWayAv DoobieWahAv
Posthumous Stands
AnubisAv NotoriousBIGAv Milagroman2 NoPicAvailable
TohthAv JudgementAv BastetAv SethanAv TheLockAv BoyIIManAv Super Fly Anime Cheap Trick Portrait Anime TalkingHeadAv GreenDayAv SCR
GERP Burningdownthehouse1 HighwayToHellAv SurvivorAv DragonDreamAv BohemianRapsodyAv HeavyWeatherAv HeyYaAv TubularBellsAv CaliforniaKingBedAv LesFeuliesAv
Range Irrelevant (射程距離無関係 Shatei Kyori Mukankei)
There are a few Stands where range has very little to do with how they function. Some Integrated Type ( 一体化型 Ittaika-gata ) Stands are applicable here, as well as Stands with space time-related abilities where range simply doesn't apply.[3]
List of Range Irrelevant Stands
TohthAv The World profile StarPlatinum4v EarthWindAndFireAv KQ1 ManInTheMirrorAv KGP BohemianRapsodyAv MadeinHeavenAv MandomAv Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap1
TheWorldAv Milagroman2

Form Types

Stands can also divided by appearance into five great trends. They can be either Natural or Artificial, meaning they are inspired by a natural object like water, and can be either Humanoid or Non-Humanoid. A fifth category based on appearance is made to include all Stands that do not fit into either of the previous trends.

It is notable that these categories are and should be treated as loose trends, and it is commonplace for a Stand to have features from at least two categories. The lists below are subjective appreciations of a Stand's appearance and are not complete.

Natural Humanoid Stands

Natural Humanoid Stands
These Stands possess a humanoid form. Moreover their features and limbs take on an organic appearance, making them look like humans. However, these Stands often include mechanical parts into their bodies or have animalistic features. This category include Human Type (人間型 Ningen-gata) Stands who closely resemble people. Although they are usually human-sized, some Stands can be small.

Natural Humanoid Stands are usually able to perform tasks requiring a degree of dexterity like grabbing something, and if powerful enough, can wrestle and fight using fists and feet. Their human-like features also allows their to expresses emotions.

In the series, these Stands have progressively disappeared and were replaced with Stands which looks mechanical.

Examples of Natural Humanoid Stands
StarPlatinumAv MagicianRedAv The World profile DarkBlueMoonAv HangedManAv EmpressAv HighPriestessAv AnubisAv
OsirisAv CreamP CD AV EchoesAV KQ1 RedHotChilliPepperAv BoyIIManAv Hs
TheWorldAv KQ2

Artificial Humanoid Stands

Artificial Humanoid Stands
These Stands possess a humanoid form but heavily feature mechanical parts to the point they resembles androids more than people. Some have other features that make their look like dolls. Their eyes are generally robotic and inexpressive and they lack proper mouths. Although they are usually human-sized, some Stands can be small.

Generally, Artificial Humanoid Stands are functionally similar to Natural Humanoid ones, and can perform the same physical tasks.

In the series, these Stands have progressively replaced the more natural-looking Stands and are now commonplace.

Examples of Artificial Humanoid Stands
SilverChariotAv DeathThirtheenAv JudgementAv AtumAv THP SurfaceAv CinderellaAv Enigma Portrait
MB BlackSabbathAv SoftMachineAv KraftWorkAv LittleFeetAv ManInTheMirrorAv GreenDayAv KK
FFS WRS Diverdown1 GrassOfHomeAv Tusk1 Ballbreaker1 Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap1 InASilentWayAv
CivilWarAv Softnwet1 NKC2 KingNothingAv BornThisWayAv I Am a Rock Av DoobieWahAv LoveLoveDeluxeAv
WalkingHeartAv RaiStandAv

Natural Non-Humanoid Stands

Natural Non-Humanoid Stands
Natural Non-Humanoid Stands take the appearance of a natural object, have a roughly animalistic shape making them look like a supernatural creature or take an elemental form.

These Stands are considerably more varied in appearance and do not share any functional characteristics. Some animal-like Stands may fight using fangs or claws and some may take the form of a natural element impervious to physical attacks.

Examples of Natural Non-Humanoid Stands
HermitPurpleAv TowerOfGrayAv YellowTemperanceAv JusticeAv TheSunAv GebAv HorusAv AquaNecklaceAv
PearlJamAv HarvestAv StrayCat ClashAv RollingStonesAv SurvivorAv SkyHighAv LesFeuliesAv

Artificial Non-Humanoid Stands

Artifical Non-Humanoid Stands
The Artificial Non-Humanoid Stands category regroups all Stands that look like tools or other artificial objects like pieces of clothes. In that case, the Stands are still invisible to ordinary humans.

Because they look like objects, these Stands can typically do nothing but being summoned and the User must personally wield them. Unless they are a weapon of some kind, these Stands are more akin to tools and are not suited for direct confrontation.

Examples of Artificial Non-Humanoid Stands
EmperorAv BastetAv TheLockAv ARSM BeachBoyAv ManhattanTransferAv CreamStarterAv WiredAv
CatchTheRainbowAv TattooYouAv ChocolateDiscoAv CaliforniaKingBedAv BrainStormAv OzoneBabyAv


This category simply regroups all Stands that do not fall under the previous four.

These Stands may be formless, manifesting as a supernatural phenomenon, or they simply give the user superhuman abilities. They also may have an appearance so eldritch it doesn't fit into a natural or artificial form.

Examples of Others Stands
YellowTemperanceAv KhnumAv SethanAv TenoreSaxAv AchtungBabyAv AtomHeartFatherAv EarthWindAndFireAv StrayCat
WhiteAlbumAv TalkingHeadAv NotoriousBIGAv OasisAv Burningdownthehouse1 HighwayToHellAv LimpBizkitAv BohemianRapsodyAv
Scarymonster1 TicketToRideAv TubularBellsAv Schottky1Av

Bound Stands

Bound Stands
Bound Stands are linked to material objects such as vehicles or dolls. As a result, ordinary humans are more likely to see them in effect, as the object they are bound to will showcase supernatural properties. A Bound Stand is usually featureless, but occasionally possesses its own appearance. Moreover, as a rule of thumb, the greater the object the Stand is linked to, the more powerful the Stand is. Unlike Artificial Non-Humanoid Stands, some Users can modify the shape of the bound object.

All Bound Stands are easily mistaken for ordinary objects, allowing their users to ambush enemies into the range of their Stands and get the upper hand in battle. However, destroying the object will disable the Stand and leave the User defenceless, if not wounded.

Examples of Bound Stands
StrengthAv TohthAv EbonyDevilAv WheelOfFortuneAv SurfaceAv LoveDeluxeAv AtomHeartFatherAv Super Fly Anime
Yasuho Stand2 PaperMoonKingAv LesFeuliesAv

Colony Stands

Colony Stands
Colony Stands are comprised of multiple units, each able to function entirely on its own. The entirety of the colony constitutes a single Stand, and as a result, their power is divided. Similarly, damage to the user is proportional to the population size of the Stand; the higher amount of units, the less damage is transferred when a unit is damaged.

Thanks to their number, Colony Stands can be used to overwhelm an enemy by attacking from multiple directions, the User not fearing damage since as long as even one unit remains, they won't die.

Examples of Colony Stands
BadCompanyAv PearlJamAv HarvestAv SXP MetallicaAv SurvivorAv LesFeuliesAv BrainStormAv

Special Types

Evolved Stand

Evolved Stand
Throughout the series, various methods are introduced for altering a Stand's base form.

A select few number of Stands have the inherent ability to undergo metamorphosis and evolve naturally, becoming stronger and allowing their user to unlock various forms of the same Stand, referred to as "ACTs". It usually happens to individuals with weak fighting spirit but strong potential for spiritual growth.

The Arrow is also known for its ability of further unlocking the potential of a Stand, its effects seemingly determined by whether or not the User or Stand is targeted. In the unique case of Killer Queen, it developed a new ability after its User Yoshikage Kira was struck. In Vento Aureo, it is revealed that when pierced by the Arrow, they may evolve into "Requiem Stands", which possess abilities far above ordinary Stands.

A Stand User may also obtain a new Stand through a process described in DIO's Diary as a way to "achieve Heaven". Although the method isn't detailed, it involves making several souls fuse together with a Stand User, and reaching specific gravity conditions.

In Steel Ball Run, a Stand can gain a new ability if the Saint's Corpse blesses its User.

Examples of Evolved Stands
ACT Stands
EchoesAV Tusk1
Requiem Stands
Miscellaneous Evolved Stands
KQ1 C-Moon 2 MadeinHeavenAv Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap1

Sentient Stands

Sentient Stands
Although most Stands do not show any personality or simple hints of it, there are Stands who display a full-fledged consciousness separate to that of their Users. These Stands are able to think, analyze their environment, and converse with their Users, offering advice or commenting on their actions. They personality are diverse, but most sentient Stands follow the command of their Users anyway and act to protect them.

Some Sentient Stands qualify as automatic because they do not have Users and think for themselves.

Examples of Sentient Stands
AnubisAv EchoesAV Cheap Trick Portrait Anime SXP SG GERP FFS WS
DragonDreamAv YoYoMaAv HeyYaAv Yasuho Stand2

Shared Stand

Shared Stand
Shared Stands are rare cases where a Stand can have several users simultaneously.
List of Shared Stands


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