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Stand Types

This is a list of the different types of Stands within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe. It should be noted that not all Stands fall under the main categories below.

Three Basic Types

There is three canonical types in JoJo that plays on the balance between Power, Range, and Accuracy.

Close-Range Stand

Close-Range Power Type (近距離パワー型 Kinkyori Pawā Gata?) Stands are known for being able to inflict powerful and/or swift attacks or deal close-range effects, with Destructive Power and Speed normally ranking between A-C. However, they are only able to move small distances from their users and/or have short-range attacks or effect radius. These Stands will generally obey their users' will.

List of Close-Range Stands

Long-Distance Stand

Long Distance Manipulate Type (遠隔操作型 Engaku Sōsaku Gata) follow their users' will and are capable of long-range movement. These Stands normally have ranged attacks and/or attack from distances as far as being measured in kilometers, which is why most Stands of this type are typically ranked A in Range. On the other hand, they generally sport lower Destructive Power compared to Close-Range Stands.

List of Far Distance Manipulate Stands

Automatic Stand

Far Distance Autopilot Type (遠隔自動操縦型 Enkaku Jidō Sōjū-gata) are Stands that act on their own. They follow a simple objective without being directly ordered by their Users, though they can be preset to follow orders before they are activated. Said users do not have to be present for the Stands to do anything, as these Stands have a range that is close to infinite, with no diminish in power relative to the distance from their user. The user will not receive any damage if the Stand takes any damage (in most cases). As an offset, since they are remotely controlled, automated Stands often lack precision and complex cognitive ability, and are clumsy compared to normal Stands.[1]

List of Far Distance Autopilot Stands

Other Types

Bound Stand

Substance Assimilation Type (物質同化型 Busshitsu Dōka-gata), or bound Stands, are bound to material objects, such as vehicles or dolls. Said Stands, if bound to fluid objects, may even be intangible. These Stands can be seen by ordinary humans. Although most of them vary in terms of statistics, they commonly have medium-to-no Development Potential due to these Stands only being able to manipulate the object they are bound to. They typically rank A in Durability, because they often do not take damage themselves, sometimes even having self regenerating ability; or because their ability is always active, being bound to objects.

List of Bound Stands

Tool Stand

Tool Stands (道具型 Dōgu-gata) are Stands that take the form of an object, used as a weapon, it is up to the User to directly wield/hold them. They may look like Bound Stands but it is the User that calls them, and they aren’t visible to non-Stand Users. Damaging them will not wound the User. They have high Durability and low Development Potential for the same reasons as Bound Stands.

List of Tool Stands

Integrated Stand

Integrated Stands ( 一体化型 Ittaika-gata ) are Stands which give the User additional abilities. As the name suggest, they are actually integrated to their User’s body. The Stand User uses the ability without the Stand itself appearing corporeally. As such the Stand itself is never seen. They have high Durability since the ability is effectively always active.

List of Integrated Stands

Wearable Stand

Wearable Type (装着型 Sōchaku-gata) Stands cover their user like armor, defending them along with the use of their abilities. Because they are bound to their user, their Range is often short, though depending on the Stand they may be able to use projectiles, among other long-ranged attacks.

List of Wearable Stands

Combined Stand

Combined Stands refer to Stands that have merged their abilities with other Stand abilities, resulting in a Stand which is able to use a mix of different abilities.

List of Combined Stands

Evolved Stands

A select few number of Stands have the inherent ability to undergo metamorphosis and evolve, becoming stronger and allowing their user to use the Stand in different forms with new, enhanced, or different powers. Each stage, or "ACT", has a different appearance and different abilities. Its user may be able to call upon different ACTs at will.

List of Evolved Stands

Special Stand

Stands that do not fall under the types listed above are called Special Stands.

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