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Statue Legend is a series of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Figures by Di Molto Bene, a subsidiary of Medicos Entertainment. The figures featured in this series consist of the characters and Stands from Phantom Blood to Vento Aureo, as well as JoJolion. Relatively detailed compared to Medicos' other series, the figures' color schemes are modeled after the illustrations in the official Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Artbooks. Di molto bene has produced several of the less popular antagonists/protagonists of Diamond is Unbreakable, including characters like Shigekiyo Yangu, Terunosuke Miyamoto, and Yuya Fungami, as well as their respective Stands.

Phantom Blood Statues (Part 1)

Image Title Release Date Size Prototype Sculptor Release Price
JonathanStatueLegend Jonathan Joestar February 2014 Approx. 18 cm PROGRESS ¥11,112
ZeppeliStatueLegend William Anthonio Zeppeli June 2015 Approx. 22 cm PROGRESS ¥9,800
ZeppeliStatueLegend2 William Anthonio Zeppeli
July 2015 Approx. 22 cm PROGRESS ¥9,260

Battle Tendency Statues (Part 2)

Image Title Release Date Size Prototype Sculptor Release Price
LisalisaStatueLegend Lisa Lisa October 2013 Approx. 17 cm PROGRESS ¥7,500
LisaLisaStatueLegend2 Lisa Lisa
Second Ver.
February 2014 Approx. 17 cm PROGRESS ¥7,000
StroheimStatueLegend Rudol von Stroheim November 2013 Approx. 18 cm PROGRESS
StroheimStatueLegend2 Rudol von Stroheim
February 2014 Approx. 18 cm PROGRESS

Stardust Crusader Statues (Part 3)

Image Title Release Date Size Prototype Sculptor Release Price
JotaroStatueLegend Jotaro Kujo May 2012
February 2014
Approx. 16 cm RESTORE ¥4,800
JotaroStatueLegend2 Jotaro Kujo
Second Ver.
(Araki 2012)
October 2012 Approx. 16 cm RESTORE ¥4,000
StarPlatinumStatueLegend Star Platinum June 2012
July 2014
Approx. 22 cm RESTORE ¥4,800
StarPlatinumStatueLegend2 Star Platinum
Second Ver.
February 2013 Approx. 22 cm RESTORE ¥4,500
StarPlatinumStatueLegend3 Star Platinum
Third Ver.
July 2012 Approx. 22 cm RESTORE ¥9,000
StatueLegendDIO DIO November 2012
September 2015
Approx. 17 cm RESTORE ¥6,800

Diamond is Unbreakable Statues (Part 4)

Vento Aureo Statues (Part 5)

JoJolion Statues (Part 8)


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