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Sticky Fingers (スティッキィ・フィンガーズ Sutikkyi Fingāzu?, sometimes shortened to Sticky F (スティッキィー・F?)) is the Stand of Bruno Bucciarati, featured in Vento Aureo.


Sticky Fingers is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Bucciarati's.

Its face is hidden apart from the mouth by a helmet-like covering adorned with a mohawk-like row of short spikes.

Zippers varying in size hang from the base of its neck and abdomen, the back of its hands, and the top of its feet.


Sticky Fingers is one of the few Stands used in conjunction with its user's battle/Stand cry. Bruno's trademark line begins by stringing "ARI, ARI, ARI" along with his rapid punches; with "Arrivederci!" ("Goodbye" in Italian) at his finishing blow.


Zipping In and Out: Sticky Fingers' primary ability is to make anything it touches able to be opened or closed with a zipper.

For example, Sticky Fingers can hit a wall and open it up and walk through it then zip it up again. This also allows it to separate enemies into multiple pieces and even perform a cutting attack by detaching something and then canceling the zipper.

The space inside the zipper of walls and people is extremely large, allowing it to create special hiding spots that only it can access.

Bruno can control whether or not separated body parts are still 'connected' to each other. When Mario Zucchero's head was removed, he was kept alive and still felt the pain that his body was going through being kicked relentlessly while he was under interrogation. On the other hand, when Bruno himself sectioned parts of his own body into pieces in order to prevent Pesci's Beach Boy from reaching his heart, blood and oxygen could not circulate through the rest of his body as a result, slowly killing him as if his parts were actually cut off from each other.

Its ability had first been used to place small body parts belonging to Luca inside of Giorno Giovanna's body (specifically his mouth) during their first encounter, and Bruno threateningly claimed that he could do the same with a fire extinguisher at the cost of Giorno's life.



  • Its ability is inspired by the cover of the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers, which featured a functional zipper to retrieve the disk.[2][3]


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