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Didn't you say that everything should have a name? I want to give her a name too... Stone Free... because I want to be free from this 'stone ocean'!

—Jolyne, SO Chapter 9

Stone Free (ストーン・フリー Sutōn Furī?, sometimes shortened to SF (S・F)) is the Stand of Jolyne Cujoh, featured in Stone Ocean.


Stone Free is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Jolyne's.

It wears what appear to be a pair of sunglasses varying in darkness, obscuring vertically ridged eyes. Four blade-like protrusions run over its head from the top of the jaw to the back of its neck, bordering the sides of both eyes. Cones truncated at a length of one-third the width of its head protrude from the region of the ears.

It wears elliptical shoulder pads with a vaguely snakeskin pattern, and hexagonal knee pads. Several patches of its lightly-shaded body reveal a fibrous interior, wound horizontally. Its forehead, neck, arms, and the area from its midriff to the top of its feet bear small, evenly spaced studs/bumps.

Composed of string, when unraveled its texture is like silk, apparently smelling of soap.[2]


Like Star Platinum, Stone Free's Stand Cry is "ORA ORA ORA ...", though it appears that Jolyne articulates this rather than her Stand.


  • String Decomposition: Stone Free enables Jolyne to unravel her body as string. She may unravel around 70% of her body harmlessly, as well as quickly rewind. A versatile ability, feats it enables include Jolyne hiding parts of her body in spaces like a person's mouth, and weaving disguises or nets to trap enemies. At harm to herself, Jolyne may also cut her string for a further variety of applications. Stone Free's maximum range, unraveled to 70%, is about 24 meters.[2]
    • Stitching Wounds: With her string, Jolyne may stitch wounds sustained by her or her allies to an improved healing speed.
    • Long-Distance Hearing: By the same principles behind the tin can telephone, sound vibrating through her string, Jolyne may eavesdrop on distant conversations.
    • Möbius Strip: Counteracting C-Moon's ability to turn things inside-out, Jolyne uses Stone Free to change affected areas of her body into Möbius strips.
  • Super Strength: When Stone Free's string is completely wound or compacted, it is very strong; the destructive force of its punch roughly equivalent to that exerted by a small, extremely fast meteor.[2]



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