Sumire (スミレ Sumire) is a supporting character from Baoh.

A ten-year old girl with psychic abilities, she was kidnapped by Doress, as they wish to exploit her psychic abilities.


Sumire is a little girl with light hair tied in a ponytail.
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Sumire is a sarcastic but friendly girl. She is quite clever, able to trick Sophine and figure out that she was being drugged. She seems to have a crush on Ikuro Hashizawa.
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Sumire possesses the following psychic abilities.

  • Automatic Writing: She can write unconsciously to produce words or numbers which can be used to access codes to locking mechanisms.
  • Precognition: She occasionally has hallucinations of future events, which allows her and Ikuro to act ahead of time.
  • Table Turning: She can gain information with this power using a coin and notepad with numbers and "Yes" and "No" on it.

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