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Super Fly (スーパーフライ Supā Furai?) is the Stand of Toyohiro Kanedaichi featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable. It is bound to a transmission tower.


Super Fly is a Stand automatically bound to a huge transmission tower, so it can be viewed by non-Stand users. Super Fly is completely autonomous, since its user doesn't have any control over it. Toyohiro noted that even if he died the Stand would continue to exist, similar to Anubis.


  • User Restraint: Super Fly is unique in that the user has no control over it. In fact, Super Fly actually restrains the user's freedom by keeping it within its reach. The Stand attached itself to the abandoned transmission tower owned by the user, Toyohiro Kanedaichi, upon which Toyohiro could not leave the area around the tower unless another individual enters it. If the victim attempts to escape, he or she will be covered in steel to restrict his or her movement. It is possible the victim could be perpetually covered if they do not pull themselves back in time. It does not seem to work on animals or ghosts since its user did not exchange place with one of the fish he caught or with Yoshihiro's ghost picture.
SF Damage Reverse

Super Fly reverses damage done by Josuke and Okuyasu

  • Damage Reversal: Super Fly also reverses the concept of damage transfer through general Stands, repelling any damage done to itself while repairing itself in the process, making it nigh indestructible. Toyohiro takes advantage of this ability offensively: by making cuts on the metal at specific angles, he can direct the repelled force of the cuts toward an enemy as a ricocheted attack. He was even able to pin Mikitaka Hazekura to a beam by hammering in screws, which were then repelled back out and into Mikitaka. Toyohiro has trained long enough in the tower to know accurately how the force will ricochet. However, even though the wire is part of the tower, when it was cut it did not mend. The damage was sent out as an attack, but it was not repaired. This may mean the tower cannot reconnect severed pieces if it cannot repair itself fast enough, which would be its one and only weakness.



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