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He's clearly lying! My Talking Head is stuck tight to his tongue!


Talking Head (トーキング・ヘッド Tōkingu Heddo?) is the Stand of Tiziano featured in Vento Aureo.


Talking Head appears as a semi-humanoid looking Stand about the size of a human tongue. While its torso looks human, a segmented tail replaces its lower body parts. Above the tail is a plate with horizontal lines similar to it's eyes.

Talking Head has a disproportionately huge human looking head, which features lips, robotic segmented eyes, but no nose. From the head sprout three tentacles which are used to attach itself to a tongue, as well as two small horns.

According to JOJOVELLER, its design is based on a squid tentacle and an alien baby.[1]


True-Statement Elimination: To take effect, Talking Head must first latch onto the victim's tongue. While Talking Head is attached, the victim is rendered incapable of telling the truth, whether speaking, writing, or gesticulating. The drawback is that if the victim realizes this, they can will themselves to (try to) speak about something in a situation where Tiziano would expect them to speak of something else entirely, thus able to catch him and Squalo off-guard. This happens when the statement that Tiziano predicts is not what he thinks it is.

Tongue Control: Talking Head also has the ability to control and elongate the tongue of its victim. This is demonstrated when it uses Narancia's tongue to snatch his knife out of his own hand and cut him with it.



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