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Tatoo You! (TATOO YOU(タトゥーユー)! Tatū Yū!?) is the Stand of the Eleven Men, featured in Steel Ball Run.


Tatoo You! is composed of black graphics resembling tribal tattoos spanning the backs and the back of the arms of each of the Eleven Men; with a small mask of light color on the back of their heads, including a small face with closed eyes and a neutral expression. Its appearance may come from a tattoo that Araki once saw somewhere.[1]


Body Slide: Tatoo You! allows the Eleven Men to pass through each other by using the tattoos on their backs as doors. Even when members of the group die, they can move the bodies to position themselves to attack.

Since the Stand does not bestow any other abilities, the strength of this Stand is "team work".

This Stand is unique in that eleven individuals share it. It has been theorized that there must be a single user who somehow shares it with the other ten members, but this remains unconfirmed.



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