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Tenore Sax (ティナー・サックス Tinā Sakkusu?) is the Stand of Kenny G. featured in Stardust Crusaders.


Only Tenore Sax's illusions have been illustrated, so it is possible that Tenore Sax is bound to the air nearby, allowing Kenny G. to generate the desired images through the air. On the other hand, its A-rank in Durability hints that Tenore Sax may instead bind to the structure Kenny G. wants to disguise; either way, it has no actual appearance of its own. Without any physical appearance or speech pattern, it doesn't appear to have a distinguishable personality either.


Illusions: Tenore Sax has the ability to generate illusions, including rooms, labyrinths and other illusions to mask the interior of buildings. However, it is apparently unable to mask scent. To dispel the illusions it is necessary to defeat its user Kenny G.



  • Araki admits he simply created Tenore Sax to give the story some resting time. Having been a fan of the artist, Kenny G, he apologizes in hindsight for making the character so indispensable.[2]


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