Teruhiko Futaba (双葉 照彦 Futaba Teruhiko), birth name Teruhiko Ogami (大神 照彦 Ōgami Teruhiko), is a minor enemy Stand user who only appeared in The Book: 4th Another Day novel, based on Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Teruhiko is a greedy and manipulative man. He acts as a quiet architect who don't talk much to people, prefering to sit in a corner and draw lines on his blueprints than spend time with a large group of people, but shows an incredible sense of humor and gentle behavior. Acting calm almost all the time, he also expresses the dream of helping children of being proud of their town and its buildings. Actually those are all lies, as Teruhiko only cares for money and is capable of imprisoning someone for months to achieve his goal. He is described as a young man with an attractive appearance.



Teruhiko Ogami was a young architect who had many lovers in his life, one of them being Hanae Orikasa. Later, he started a relationship with Akari Hirai. He once visited an antique shop when he was travelling with Akari in Europe, and was pierced by the Arrow, but wasn't aware that his ability was caused by it and instead thought he developed it by sheer luck. From that antique shop, Teruhiko bought a necklace with a black amber and gave it to Akari as a gift.

Even though he claimed his dream of helping children feel proud of their town and its buildings to Akari, he was actually making illegal blueprints behind the company's back, cutting down on the building materials and planning then as cheaply as possible, making a huge profit from it. The materials were the kind that would fall apart with an earthquake.

The Book: 4th Another Day

Teruhiko Ogami is introduced as a quiet architect who started a relationship with co-worker Akari Hirai. She was contacted by Hanae about his secret of selling defective houses and so Akari confronted him about it. He strangled Akari and pushed her from the company's roof, but she survived the fall in the gap between two buildings and was trapped there by his Memory of Jet. He initially tries to poison her with food, but when Akari reveals she has hidden his money he is forced to keep her alive until she tells him where it is, but threatens the girl by telling he would kill her parents should she call for help. He tried to convince her to reveal the location of the money for him and so he would set her free, but instead she believed he would kill her, so she kept this secret until the end. After living for months in the gap, Akari gave birth to Teruhiko's child Takuma Hasumi and died of weakness. Teruhiko helped the child, but abandoned him at the door of a temple.

He later appears with the name of Teruhiko Futaba, the fond father of Chiho Futaba. Takuma wants revenge for what he did to his mother, so he shows everything he has investigated about Teruhiko, which makes Teruhiko desperate. After Takuma leaves, Teruhiko warns Chiho to stay away from Takuma, yet is eventually stabbed to death with a kitchen knife by Chiho.


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