The Book (ザ・ブック Za Bukku) is the Stand of Takuma Hasumi. It appears in The Book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day.


The Book appears as a regular book with a brown leather cape. Its cape has no title or author name. It seems to have about 350 pages, most of which are blank. All of its contents are written in novel format. The Stand appears to have an anthropomorphic appearance as well.


Memory Recording: Takuma has the natural ability to memorize everything he sees, listens or senses all the time on the smallest details. The Book stores all those memories on its pages, which Takuma can read at any time and remember them as if they were taking place at that instant.

Memory Implantation: If someone reads a page in The Book, despite whether that person can actually see it or not, all that is described within that page is transferred to his mind, letting that person actually owns the memories seen on The Book, no matter if the page is ripped or not. The implanted memories keeps all details that Takuma experienced by himself, including the environments, sensations, and cognition, and therefore are able to make the person share the exactly same experience as Takuma in the events described by the memories, such as taking injuries, without realizing the memories are in fact put into by Takuma.

Takuma uses this ability in conjunction with the memory of a car accident he was involved in to kill his victims.



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