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The Fool
Manga   ·   OVA


Japanese Name 愚者 (ザ・フール)
User Iggy
Namesake The Fool (Tarot card)
Manga Debut Vol. 20 Ch. 183
"The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Dour (1)
Destructive Power B
Speed C
Range D
Durability C
Precision D
Developmental Potential C

The Fool (ザ・フール Za Fūru) is the Stand of Iggy featured in Part III: Stardust Crusaders.


The Fool is very simple in appearance. It is, for all purposes, simply bound to sand, being a construct of sand and dirt. However, because it is controlled by Iggy, it can take several different forms depending on what Iggy wants. The main form it takes (and possibly is its true appearance) is somewhat like a car chassis, with the front wheels replaced by a pair of muscled dog arms, and a mask with eight or nine feathers sticking from its head. Like most Stands, The Fool is devoid of personality or feeling, serving Iggy without question. It represents the Tarot Card The Fool.


The Fool is truly the epitome of "the simplest way is the best way". Though it is only a pile of dirt or sand, The Fool is remarkably powerful.

  • Thefoolglider
    Glider Mode
    WhiteSnake357Added by WhiteSnake357
    Shape Shift: A very basic power, The Fool is able to take the shape of anything it wants, from living people to just objects that are useful to Iggy. This ability also allows basic copying of the object's abilities - if it is in the shape of a glider, for example, it can glide for short distances. As well as objects, Iggy can also cause The Fool to take the form of anyone Iggy chooses. This skill momentarily fooled Vanilla Ice by taking the form of Dio.
  • Strength: Despite The Fool's basic composition, it is still incredibly strong - at least stronger than Polnareff's Silver Chariot. It was able to slice Vanilla Ice's hand apart and smash him down a hall with enough force to shatter a wall and the majority of his bones, then lift Polnareff into the air even as The Fool was falling apart from Iggy dying.
  • Speed: The Fool is remarkably quick, possibly because of its composition, able to move itself at speeds that most people cannot follow.


According to JOJOVELLER, its design is a mix of beast with a car.



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