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Lovers AnimeAV

Japanese Name 恋人(ラバーズ)
User Steely Dan
Namesake The Lovers (tarot card)
Manga Debut Chapter 161
Lovers (2)
Anime Debut Episode 42
Lovers (1)
Destructive Power E
Speed D
Range A
Durability A
Precision D
Developmental Potential E

Lovers (恋人(ラバーズ) Rabāzu?), is the Stand of Steely Dan featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo Tarot 06 - The Lover

The Lover

Lovers is a microscopic Stand resembling a mosquito with crab pincers for hands. Its design is a combination of the robots, Nomi and Hae from the 1986 science fiction film Short Circuit[1]. Due to its size, it lacks the strength to move even a single hair and is considered by its own user to be physically the weakest Stand. Its ability is more than enough to make up for its lack of physical strength, though, making it a genuine threat. It represents the Tarot Card The Lovers.


  • Enhanced Pain Receptors: Lovers' primary ability is to enter the brain of its victim through the ear and from there increase the pain receptors of the victim tenfold. The pain receptors of the victim activate when the user of the Stand feels pain in any way. Even inorganic parts of the body, such as Joseph Joestar's prosthetic hand, respond to the pain in the same manner as if they were organic.
  • Organic Waste Clones: Lovers can take dead cells and make them into drones with the exact same appearance as it; as many as twenty drones can be active at once.
  • Spore: Using cells within its victim's brain, Lovers also appears to be capable of making spores similar to the ones DIO implants in his servants. Steely Dan threatens to kill Joseph with this ability, forcing Heirophant Green and Silver Chariot to battle it within Joseph's brain before it can finish the spore.



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