The Secret of Guard Westwood (看守ウエストウッドの秘密 Kanshu Uesutouddo no Himitsu) is the twelfth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates Jolyne's predicament in the punishment ward of Green Dolphin Street Jail, where the prison guard Viviano Westwood goes berserk alongside the rest of the prisoners inside.


In the punishment ward, prison guard Viviano Westwood goes crazy and liberates every prisoner in the punishment ward in a mad eagerness to fight. Meanwhile Pucci reveals that he sent 4 Stand users to try to dispose of Jolyne.

In a flashback DIO explains to Pucci how the Stand Survivor manipulates people into fighting each others.

As Anasui and F.F. breach the security checkpoints, Jolyne begins to fight Westwood. Westwood is a tough fighter and wield Planet Waves which manipulates small meteors, the fights turns very brutal and Jolyne manages to bypass Westwood's invulnerability to his own meteors by using the meteors to propel a boot toward his face, defeating the guard.

She notices that among the remaining prisoners, only two remain.






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