The Visitor (面会人 Menkainin) is the fourth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates Jotaro Kujo's visit to his daughter, the fight against the sniper Johngalli A, and Jotaro's subsequent theft of his Stand and memories by the mysterious Whitesnake.


Jotaro soon comes to visit Jolyne, however a mysterious child named Emporio Alniño warns her that this is a trap. He informs her that a Stand user named Johngalli A, a disciple of DIO, framed her so that he could kill her in prison, and urges her to escape.

Jolyne's anger at her father, who has been absent for most of her life, is interrupted by a double attack by Johngalli A's Stand, Manhattan Transfer, and another mysterious Stand named Whitesnake. Whitesnake uses its power to remove Jotaro's Stand Star Platinum and Jotaro's memories, as two Stand Discs.

Jotaro sinks into a deathlike state but confesses to Jolyne that he's always cherished her. Jolyne, moved, resolves to find a way to recover the Stand Discs from Whitesnake's mysterious user.






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