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The World
Manga | Anime

The world c252

Japanese Name 世界(ザ・ワールド)
User Dio Brando
Diego Brando from Another Universe
Namesake The World (tarot card)

End of the World (Dio song)

Manga Debut Vol. 27 Ch. 248
Dio's World (2)
Anime Debut Episode 33
Strength (Glimpse)

Episode 71
DIO's World (1) (First full appearance)

Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range C
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential B

The World (世界(ザ・ワールド) Za Wārudo?) is the Stand of DIO, featured in Part III: Stardust Crusaders. Later in Part VII: Steel Ball Run, The World also appears as the Stand of Diego Brando from Another Universe.


A humanoid Stand, The World is tall and has a very muscular build. It wears a headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height, leaving the face of an inverted triangle visible to the front; somewhat similar to the Red Crown of Lower Egypt.

It wears small, simple twin diving cylinders on its back, connecting via short, twin ridged cables to the rear of its mask; perhaps secured by thick, ridged or puffered straps running from the rear of its waist over both its shoulders to its front. The back of both its hands bear the shape of a simple clock face. Its chin, the base of its abdomen, its crotch and its knees are topped by heart shapes. Plates on its shins, its footwear bears curved, sharply pointed toes, similar to those of DIO's outfit in Part III.

It's revealed in DIO's notebook that he intended to engrave 14 words on his Stand to remember them although it's unknown if he actually does before his death, and if he managed to engrave them it's unknown where on The World the words are engraved.[citation needed]


The World shows no particular personality. Its Stand Cry, seemingly communicated by Dio, is Muda muda muda! (無駄 無駄 無駄!?, lit.Useless, useless, useless!)

Its name is derived from the Tarot Card The World; symbolizing triumph, perfection and fulfillment.

In Part VI: Stone Ocean, it is suggested that if not for DIO's dominant personality, it would somehow go out of control.


The World is an exceptionally powerful Close-range Stand, boasting a maximum manifestation range of 10m. Despite requiring a close distance to attack, it's incredibly difficult to stop once within the aforementioned range.

Super Strength/Senses/Speed: Almost identical to Jotaro's Star Platinum, The World possesses phenomenal strength, senses, and faster-than-light speed, being able to easily punch Kakyoin right through his abdomen. The World may possibly be even stronger and faster, seeing as how it bested Star Platinum in a clash of rapid punches between the two. Thus in turn, its main offense is generally characterized by a flurry of speedy punches, and the occasional kick.


The World stops time

Time Stop: The World's key defining power is its ability to stop time, allowing only itself and DIO to act within the duration of stopped time. Given DIO's weakened state during Part III, this ability only works for a few seconds in DIO's frame of reference before time flows again. However, also due to DIO's immortality, the duration of stopped time also increases as DIO becomes more accustomed to The World and the scar around his neck heals, reaching a maximum of nine seconds towards the end of Part III. Had he not died, the length would have continued to grow. The only true way to counter this power is with other time-stopping skills.

Other Appearances

This section includes heavy spoilers for Part VII.
In the final chapters of Part VII: Steel Ball Run, a second Diego Brando appears, wielding a version of The World, wearing D-shaped emblems instead of hearts on its knees and gears on its shoulders and with a much slimmer physique.

Diego is only able to stop time for ~5 seconds (as with Jotaro, likely due to Diego being human rather than a Vampire like Dio). It is unknown whether this version of The World possesses similar statistics to the original, though Diego utilizes it in many of the same ways the original Dio does.


  • The World has become quite possibly the most well-known JoJo-related meme on the Internet, in which it is referred to as 'Za Warudo' (the Japanese translation)
  • Its musculature and overwhelming melee capabilites may emphasize that compared to every other enemy Stand shown in Part III, The World bears the closest resemblance, build and ability-wise, to Star Platinum, making it and DIO the true character foil to Jotaro.
  • The diving cylinders on its back may refer to the song "Holy Diver" by Ronnie James Dio, one of Dio's namesakes.
  • Warudo (ワールド?), of "The World"/"Za Warudo", may be pronounced in Japanese as Waldo. In Chapter 251: Dio's World (5), Waldo can be seen flying through the air after Dio forces Senator Phillips to drive through a crowd.[1]
  • Josuke Higashikata's Stand Crazy Diamond greatly resembles The World, and both Stands share vaguely chronokinetic abilities (Crazy Diamond's being to restore objects to a previous state).
  • The World in Steel Ball Run has a design closer to that seen in the JOJO A-GO!GO! artbook; replacing heart-shaped knee caps or pads with the letter "D".
  • The World and a version of Killer Queen are the only Stands to exist in both universes.
  • The World is referenced in the names of other Stands, including Underworld and Mandom (Lovers of the World), the former the Stand of one of Dio's sons and the latter also a chronokinetic Stand.



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