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Tiziano (ティッツァーノ Tittsāno?) is a member of Diavolo's Guard Squad, an antagonist from Vento Aureo. Combining his Stand ability with his partner Squalo's, he is one half of a tag-team sent out to kill Bruno Bucciarati and his gang on direct orders from the boss, being part of his personal subdivision.


Tiziano is a man of slim build and average height, having dark skin and long light hair.

Tiziano wears loose light overalls, as well as a dark headband and dark gloves, as well as sandals.


Tiziano is a tactical-minded man, keeping track of his target's behaviour to advice his partner Squalo. Of the two, he is the most level-headed and attentive.

Tiziano seems to have a deep bond with Squalo, taking hits from Narancia's Aerosmith to save him.


Main article: Talking Head

Talking Head is a small octopus like Stand attaching itself to others' tongues and preventing them from telling, or otherwise directly communicating, the truth.


Tiziano is introduced being surprised about Giorno restoring Narancia's tongue, but states that even then, he had planted his Stand on Narancia's tongue through Squalo's Stand. Tiziano's Stand causes Narancia to tell lies and confuse his allies.

However, Narancia finds them out via an attack on Squalo with Aerosmith, causing Squalo's heavier breathing to give the two away. Noticing the lack of a body of liquid preventing Squalo from calling his Stand to attack Narancia, Tiziano sacrifices himself to provide that liquid through his blood. Squalo and Narancia engage each other in a Standoff with their last attacks, with Narancia coming out as the victor.



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