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Tohth (トト神 Toto-shin?) is the Stand of Boingo featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo God 07 - Thoth


Tohth appears as a Stand bound to a comic book which even non-Stand users can see and interact with. The comic is called "Oingo Boingo Brothers Adventures," and adopts a peculiar, cartoonish art style, comprised of characters whose eyes are above their hats or similar stylistic quirks. It has no personality, outside of a somewhat childish way of prediction, such as telling Hol Horse to stick his fingers in Jean Pierre Polnareff's nose. The predictions it generates imply that it has some sentience in responding to its user's desires. It represents the Egyptian God Thoth.


The Fate: Tohth can read the future. The book is mostly filled with blank pages, but as events happen more pages will fill up predicting coming events. The predictions contain only choice parts of that event and are generally missing significant details. For instance, Tohth stated that Hol Horse would kick a woman, after which she would be thankful and give him all her jewelry, leaving out the fact that Horse would do so to save her from being stung by a scorpion.

Boingo states that if someone even remotely tries to go against the future, they are usually punished severely, such as Hol Horse accidentally shooting himself for his watch being two minutes too fast as has been predicted, and Oingo blowing himself up when he took on Jotaro Kujo's face. However, in both cases, they had tried to take advantage of the future rather than going directly against it. Notably, the panels in the comics were still fulfilled regardless of the conditions being disobeyed, with Oingo taking up Jotaro's face and blowing himself up and Hol Horse's bullets hitting him by traveling through the bullet injuries of the Jotaro depicted in the comic.

It is possible that Tohth actually predicts all possible futures at once, and "only" displays the elements that are common to all of them.



  • Araki was inspired to create Tohth by thinking about his own future at the time, having recently been married.[1]
  • Tohth's form as a comic book is a reference to The Book of Thoth, which was a book said to have been written by the Egyptian God Thoth, and is said to contain knowledge of how to talk to animals as well as the ability to perceive oneself as a God, or having supernatural abilities, similar to the idea of a Stand.
  • In the Japanese version, Tohth can also be read as Thoth (トト Toto). Because of this, the artbook JoJo 6251 incorrectly romanizes it as such.


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