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Tubular Bells (チューブラー・ベルズ Chūburā Beruzu?) is the Stand of Mike O., featured in Steel Ball Run.


Tubular Bells manifests mainly upon Mike O.'s application of his ability. His balloon animals in particular assume some independence, and take on small, shining eyes. The various shapes Mike O. makes his balloons into were inspired by different types of balloon art.[2]


Tubular Bells is mainly an ability-granting Stand without a special embodient or personality. The mechanism behind this Stand is simple, but its user manages to exploit it in creative ways.

Inflate: The Stand's basic power essentially grants its user the ability to inflate metal items such as nails or screws by blowing into them, like balloons.

The shape of the balloon seems to depend on the shape of the object inflated. With long nails, Mike O. is able to model classic balloon dogs.

Balloons created with Tubular Bells are unusually versatile; able to be secreted in very small spaces.

Living Balloon Animal: If Mike O. models an animal, the balloon assumes a life of its own, carrying characteristics similar to the animal they resemble; such as a dog's sense of smell and tracking abilities. Balloon animals follow his orders, but are capable of performing simple tasks by their own.

When the balloon animals make contact with their target, they burrow into their body and revert to their original form, harmfully embedding their constituent object there.

Mike O. also models birds, which will fly or float. By converting a flat heavy metal object into a floating balloon, it is possible to fashion a guillotine with enough potential energy to tear down a wall.

Notable is that since the balloon animals are capable of acting on their own without Mike O. directly giving orders, Tubular Bells is the only semi-automatic Stand featured in Steel Ball Run.




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