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Under World (アンダー・ワールド Andā Wārudo?) is the Stand of Donatello Versus featured in Stone Ocean.


Under World is a humanoid Stand with headphone shaped appendages on its head instead of eyes. It also has bracelets on its wrists that have checker symbols as well as a boat wheel-shaped symbol on its chest.


Memory Unearthing: Under World is able to excavate memories of events and people from the earth. This includes car crashes, shootings, plane crashes that hit the ground, NFL football games, minerals, and even individuals. Memories of individuals can be investigated for information, and there is a method of stealing objects off one's person by stealing the memory's possessions. These memories are also composed of the earth and can be seen by non-Stand users.

Similar to Bohemian Rhapsody, if an individual becomes caught in an event, they will experience what occurred in the memory (i.e. those caught in an impending plane crash will experience exactly the specific crash that is brought up). Once caught, one must find a loophole or condition in the memory to escape death, such as a certain area where nobody dies or is injured. Memories of people who don't die in the original event will not die no matter what during the replayed event, and can be used as a type of cover. This method of loopholes can only be utilized effectively if the victim has thorough knowledge of the event. Replayed events can also indirectly attack victims without catching them in an event, such as a stray bullet or speeding car.



  • Under World was inspired by Araki's fascination with psychology, along with social issues at the time.[1]


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