Vitamin C (ビタミンC Bitamin Shī) is the Stand belonging to Tamaki Damo, featured in JoJolion.


Vitamin C seems to have no personality at all only an obedient one. It is only seen to fulfill Damo's request not talking or showing emotion.


Vitamin C first appears as several watery hands which leave fingerprints on whatever Damo touches and can spread to others like bacteria. When confronting Norisuke IV and Josuke on his own, Tamaki Damo reveals more of Vitamin C.

It has a vaguely humanoid head with drooping jester horns similar to King Nothing, with a hand-shaped marking on its face. The rest of the body below its shoulders consists of a trailing mass of hand-shaped tentacles, akin to a jellyfish. It is covered with nut shaped objects, some of them chipped in order to resemble the letter C.


Organic Softening: Vitamin C's main ability is that of "softening" living organisms' tissues. In particular, it can control the elasticity and viscosity of an organism's body to where it can be molded like putty, or the person can lose all control of their body and practically dissolve away and liquefy. For Vitamin C's abilities to work, the target must come in contact with one of Damo or Vitamin C's hand- or fingerprints. The ability also affects Stands as seen during Damo's battles with Kira and Josuke.

The strength of the manipulation seems to get stronger as time passes, as Joshu's skin slowly progressed to the point that running water from a sink passed through his head, while Kyo's entire body was turned to liquid and absorbed into the wall by the fingerprints at the time Josuke found her. It seems, that Damo can willingly increase the speed of the softening, as he was able to soften Hato into liquid state almost immediately. If someone affected by the ability leaves Vitamin C's range, its effects disperse.




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