Vittorio Cataldi (ヴィットーリオカタルディ Vittōrio Katarudi) is a character from the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.

Vittorio is a member of Passione's former Narcotics team.


This section requires expansion. He has a body covered in scars from self-inflicted injuries used to activate his stand.


This section requires expansion. Vittorio did not have much of a future because of his reckless behavior.


Vittorio crossed to Taormina, Sicily, with Massimo Volpe to recover the stone mask hidden in the cathedral of Syracuse, but it had been destroyed by Cannolo Murolo, preventing them from obtaining it.

Vittorio activated his Stand to attack Murolo, but because of the characteristic of Murolo's Stand, Vittorio was the only one getting significantly damaged by his own attacks. Murolo advised him to stop fighting and surrender to Giorno, but Vitorio continued using his Stand frenzily and eventually died from bleeding out.


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