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Viviano Westwood
Japanese Name ヴィヴァーノ・ウエストウッド
Namesake Vivenne Westwood
(British Fashion designer)
Stand Planet Waves
Age 26[1]
Birthday Unknown
Height 186 cm[1]
Hair Color Black
Occupation Green Dolphin Street Prison Guard
Manga Debut Vol. 70 Ch. 652
The Secret Of Guard Westwood (1)
Final Appearance Vol. 71 Ch. 660
The Secret Of Guard Westwood (7)
I'm gonna release my fury, I'm gonna snap and release everything I've got! I'm gonna release it, release it, release it! I'm the strongest!

—Viviano Westwood

Viviano Westwood (ヴィヴァーノ・ウエストウッド Vivāno Uesutouddo) is a minor antagonist featured in Part VI: Stone Ocean.


Vivano takes pleasure in antagonizing convicts, and even makes bets with fellow guards when doing so. He's mentioned that he believes prisoners are the scum of society. Being a guard, his job involves detaining prisoners everyday, and by doing so has mastered certain techniques that prevent them from struggling, such as effective headlocks.



Viviano is a guard that worked in the Green Dolphin Street Prison three years, after working in a Miami customs house prior. When he obtained his stand is unknown though speculation suggests it was on the same day or the day before Green baby is born.

Stone OceanEdit

Vivano works as one of the guards overseeing Jolyne after she is transferred to the punishment ward. He is first introduced when him and the other guard barge into Jolyne's cell with a floodlight as part of a bet. After spraying Jolyne with a hose, some of the water gets on Vivano and he retaliates by hitting back. The two guards get into a small pushing fight that eventually erupts into a full out brawl. After taking out the other guard, Vivano releases the prisoners and begins fighting Jolyne. It's revealed that everyone's aggressive behavior is due to the ability of the stand, Survivor, which causes everyone to fight with the ability to see each other's weak points. Jolyne manages to knock Vivano out, but as she closes in, her arm is suddenly damaged and Vivano reveals the stand-disc in his head.

Jolyne and Vivano continue to fight, but each bout constantly results in Jolyne getting pinned down by Vivano's detainment techniques. With Joylne in a headlock, Vivano uses his stand power to send a meteorite through earth's atmosphere with the intent of hitting Jolyne. Jolyne manages to escape by sending a string through Vivano's head and loosening his grip. The same scenario occurs multiple times, until Jolyne is able successively hit Vivano with a flaming boot, followed with a headbutt by Stone Free.


  • Throughout his appearance, he is often shown screaming "I'm The Strongest!"


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