Walken (ウォーケン Wōken) is an antagonist of Baoh.

He's an assassin working for Doress and is the last known member of the Native American Skookum Tribe.


Walken is a tall, heavily built Native-American dressed in appropriate attire. He wears a device on his head that resembles earphones that regulates his psychic power.


As a member of the Skookum Tribe, he is a warrior by blood. If his opponent wins his respect, he carves a marking in his chest with his finger to denote so.

When his full power is released, he becomes extremely violent, killing everyone around him and only seeks revenge against Ikuro.


Walken is recognized as the most powerful psychic on Earth. He possesses the following psychic abilities.

  • Psychokinesis: He can manipulate matter with his mind and use it to liquify and disintegrate matter by vibrating molecules.
  • Molecular Air-Motion Wave (分子空動波 Bunshi Kūdō Ha): He creates a sphere of vibrating air molecules and throws it at his opponent to disintegrate them.
  • Molecular Seismic Wave (分子地動波 Bunshi Chidō Ha): He liquifies the ground beneath him to trap his opponent. He can also do this with walls.
  • Clairvoyance: He can foresee the location of any person, which he can use to locate enemies of Doress.

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